Dayanna Volitich – The Benefits of a Christmas Vacation

Last year my friend Dayanna Volitich and I decided that instead of following the usual routine across the Christmas period that we would instead decide to go and get some sunshine and so we jetted off for a 5 day break over Christmas. This was the first time that I have spent Christmas anywhere else but home and I must be honest it was a very strange experience. Strange as it was I absolutely loved it and I would certainly recommend it as an alternative way to spend Christmas. If you have been thinking about jetting off for some sunshine instead of a Christmas Day in the UK, here is why I think it is such a great idea.


The obvious benefit is of course the weather change that you can rely on when you go abroad for Christmas. Usually at this time of year in the UK the weather is grim, wet and occasionally covered in snow, sleet and frost. As you can probably sympathize with, this type of weather isn’t exactly the kind of thing that puts you in a great mood, so why not jet off for some winter sun that will put a smile on your face?


Most years I will have the whole family over to my home, I will cook the dinner and I will also be responsible for washing the dishes and cleaning the house up afterwards. Last year however I was freed from these responsibilities and the only thing that I had to worry about was whether or not I wanted another glass of Champagne. Even if you don’t usually cook and clean up there is something very freeing about letting someone else take care of everything and getting yourself out of the way and just enjoying yourself.

Traffic and Chaos

I love Christmas as much as the next person but the whole season is a stressful and chaotic free-for-all which does leave a sour taste in the mouth. Whether this be the traffic on the road, the huge queues in the supermarkets or bars and restaurants packed out with Christmas parties, everyone seems to go crazy when Christmas time comes around. To relieve yourself of all of this stress you can simply book up for a few days abroad that will leave you in a serene and tranquil mood, with nothing to worry about and no stress to be found.

Something Different

Last year when I decided to go away I just thought ‘why not?’ and that was why I decided to finally get booked up. This year I must say however that because of going away last year, I am so looking forward to a Christmas at home and I think that without the experience of last year, I wouldn’t have felt so positive about the coming year.

Do something different this year, get away from the madness and give yourself a break!

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