San Diego is a Surprising City

You might know that San Diego is California’s second biggest city.

What you may not know is that the city has been home to a number of surprising developments.

For instance,  San Diego County produces the highest quantity of avocados of all regions in the US.

Also, the planet’s oldest ship “Star of India” -built way back in 1863 is found in San Diego.

Here is a line-up of San Diego’s other surprises;

  • Hotel Del Coronado

Hotel del Coronado is a monumental beachfront hotel in San Diego, California and was the biggest resort hotel Worldwide in 1888, the year it opened.

Over the years, It has hosted celebrities, presidents, and royalty in addition to appearing in multiple movies and books.

Most notable was its hosting  of the 1970’s state dinner, the very first  time the prestigious event was held away from the White House.

The resort also happened to be the pioneer in Christmas trees, unveiling the planet’s first electrically lighted outdoor tree in 1904.

  • Coronado Bridge

Before 1969 when the bridge’s construction was completed, the only way you could access the lively Coronado Island was by hopping onto a ferry or a boat.

Since then, the bridge has helped millions including Ronald Reagan, the former president – who had the honor of being the first individual to drive across the bridge.

Unfortunately, it has also has grown a dark side with a lot of people plunging to their death from the iconic overpass in recent years.

Indeed, it’s only beaten to the top position by San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

  • Fleas

San Diego has the dubious reputation of being the biggest fleas’ hub in the US with the little pesky insects being a constant menace in the lives her people.

Experts blame it on the weather- the city has very welcoming weather-.

They will be hiding in the soil, carpets, grass, and everywhere else.

It’s also evident that the infestation becomes more prominent when it’s very humid such as during Autumn.

Again, the fact that the residents like walking their dogs doesn’t help.

  • Internet Entertainment

In other cities, the entertainment menu features common items such as outdoor concerts and comedy shows.

Not San Diego.

San Diego-based web hosting provider TCG CERFnet is increasingly the gaming and movie company’s choice due to its strong and reliable backbone.

For this reason, residents and visitors can easily movies, TV programs, and music online, right from their desktops.

Similarly, Radio, TV stations, and print media are leveraging on the technology to connect to users by sharing photos, audio tracks, videos, and everything else.

Still, on entertainment, some of the best massage salons and spas are found in San Diego with almost all attracting fine reviews from pleasure seekers.

Final Thoughts

While most know that San Diego as California’s second largest city, it’s fair to say that the city is also a surprising zone in more ways than one.

From it being a ‘fleas’ hotspot and all the way to the stunning but suicidal Coronado bridge, you’ll be surprised by the surprises the city throws your way.

There’s could also be more online entertainment than anywhere else plus the stunning Hotel del Coronado .

Well, the above list isn’t conclusive but it should give you an idea of what to expect.

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