Why Talent Retention Is at the Heart of Most Business Success

Keeping the people that are essential to the business and what it does is one of the key considerations for any business to make. Several other non-core and ancillary business functions can be outsourced, and it is becoming more popular to do so. However, the core functions of your business need to be kept in-house and should be performed by those who care and are good at it.

People Buy People, Not Things

The internet and e-commerce may be changing this principle, but the truth of the matter and this is why social media influencer marketing works so well, is that people still buy based on other people. It is why the staff that you have at the sales end of the business are so critical. Firstly, they should be those who know the products and services better than anyone else and should have been fully briefed or trained in the benefits, advantages, and comparisons with competitors to be able to verbalize the need to purchase. The trick is to strategically incentivize employee success in a manner that serves to drive the business forward. Employee success leads to business success and, therefore, must be recognized and supported. The businesses that have their best people at the sales face are generally those that do best.

Brand Personality Has Become More Central/Critical

The personality of your brand will be determined and established by the interactions that your brand has with clients and customers. Automated and artificially intelligent communication is becoming the norm, but it must still be premised on the best means of communicating with the client, which is determined by the staff that you have programming your automated communication or designing your online presence/updating and posting on social media.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Rid of Those Who Don’t Fit Your Brand


Just as the best staff or personnel can establish and determine your brand and create the sense of recognition and familiarity that you need, the staff that don’t buy into the business ethos or believe in the brand can do irreparable damage to your brand. Any interaction between your customers and such staff is only going to result in a lost customer and word spreading as to the poor service or lack of product knowledge. As a business that has public-facing staff or a holistic marketing process wherein all sectors of the business need to understand and buy into the goals and objectives for the business, you need to be strong enough to get rid of any staff who don’t fit. It’s about building your brand and those who adversely affect this brand shouldn’t be working in, or for your business.

Business success is all about the people who work in the business and, as such, you need to focus on this from the outset. Then, maintain staff development and training, staff appraisals, and regular performance reviews, as a means to ensure that your business has the best people in the most critical roles.

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