My travel and holiday in Italy, a unique lifetime experience

Holidays in Italy

Located in Europe, Italy is arguably one of the best holiday destinations in the world. The country is recognised all over for its vibrant cities like Rome, Milan, Venice, and Florence among others. Italy is unique in its own way from artwork to crumbling ruins and castles. This state makes an excellent holiday destination. What’s more, there are many less crowded areas across the country where you can enjoy some peace with friends and family all while having a great time.

Are you looking for an ideal destination? Italy provides stunning landscapes that guarantee to meet your wildest dreams. Whether it’s the sparkling view of Lake Garda and the snowy peaks of the alps or the rolling hills of Tuscany and the scenic Amalfi coast, you are definitely in for a treat. That is just to mention but a few of the beautiful places in Italy. Your visit here should be an adventure that you’ll never forget.

I took the initiative to visit Italy for my holidays and decided Milan would be my starting point.

Touring Milan

It’s no secret that Milan is the global capital of fashion and design. It is a high-class city with some of the best restaurants and buildings in Italy. To kick start my adventure in Milan, I decided to visit The Last Supper “Leonardo’s Cenacle” where I got a combination of cultural highlights as well as voguish shopping within half a day. The Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper tour is made for people pressed with time, and since I had too many places to visit, it was the best choice for me. With the trip, I got an opportunity to see La Scala, Castello Sforzesco, Santa Maria Delle Grazie, and Milan Cathedral as well as do some shopping which in this city, is a must-do activity.

Exploring Tuscany

If you haven’t been to Italy, Tuscany is one of the most famous regions here and a top holiday destination. It hosts Florence, Siena, Pisa and other family and friends gateway destinations. The area is commonly identified with enjoying the famous Italian wine and basking in the sun. While here, I decided to see Florence and at the same time tour Siena. Then I checked on the internet for a cool place where I could spend the next couple of nights. Luckily I found the Castle of Montalto which is located between Florence and Siena. So I went ahead and booked a castle villa online where I would stay at San Giovanni East located on the lower floor of the San Giovanni Building.

To get to the castle, I decided to rent a car and was lucky to get a Black Fiat 500. It is the perfect care to travel alone or in two. What’s more, it consumes little, and you can pack anywhere conveniently. After driving for a while, I finally made it to the castle. The Castello di Montalto is the place to be while at Tuscany. The climate here is just as you imagine it, warm but moderate matched up with light wind on the skin. It is relaxation at its best and work stress is a distant memory while here.

While still getting fascinated by the beautiful scene I get welcomed spectacularly and helped to settle down as quickly as possible. Immediately I’m served with Tuscan food which I have to say is quite tasty. All this time I’m just thinking of what an experience this is. At this point, it feels more of a dream than reality. Once I was done with the food I was accompanied to the Villa San Giovanni East which I immediately fell in love with. Talk of antique floors, Frescoes, and stunning views, it is everything you can dream of.

Spending time at Castello di Montalto

The castle provides a magical atmosphere where time seems to stand still. This place is unique with ancient walls that date a thousand years back and the perfect place to have a gateway with family and friends. Talk of peace and tranquillity steeped in historic charm, Montalto In Tuscany is undoubtedly an unforgettable location for memories to treasure forever. The castle is over ten centuries old and has grown to become one of the most beautiful destinations for romance, history and a unique setting in all of Tuscany.

Exploring the Montalto Castle

Most guests that go to Montalto spend most of their time touring the beautiful towns around, and the rest of it spent in the pool or the fireplace. However, there is a lot of other fun Things to do in Tuscany at Montalto Castle. For instance, every rental villa has a swimming pool and a Barbecue pit.

Therefore once in the castle, whether with friends or family, there are many activities you can give a short. Depending on the weather, swimming can be quite fun and the perfect way to spend your time here. You can also play ping-pong or sand bowling if you want to make your visit worth remembering. Something else that made me fall in love with this place is that you can walk and jog through the miles of trails to keep healthy and fit.

The castle is the place to be, and there are no restrictions on the amount of fun you can have here. There are other attractions nearby so that those that love outdoor activities don’t get left out. Some fun things to do are;

  • Horseback riding found at the border of Montalto estate. There you see an equestrian centre and a horseback riding school.
  • Bicycle touring thanks to the hilly and scenic countryside which provides rewarding toads for the activity They also face little traffic to make it the ideal place bike riding
  • Swimming in naturally heated pools thanks to the thermal spas located in Rapolano just 12km from the Montalto Castle
  • You can go golfing which is an excellent way to spend an afternoon with friends or family. 30 minutes away from the villa
  • Sail at Lake Trasimeno which is not so far away
  • You can also engage in hunting for deer, pheasant and wild bear depending with the season but that requires planning with the relevant department

The Montalto castle in Tuscany is the perfect place for a gateway with friends and family. Here, you get an adventure like never before. Imagine waking up to a smell of fresh air and a clean, peaceful environment. That is what the castle is all about. You get to relax and disconnect from the usual city noise that you are accustomed to. Once you’ve settled, you can embark on sightseeing and visiting the nearby towns of Florence and Siena.

Visiting Florence

After touring the castle and its surroundings, the next day I decided I would be visiting Florence which is the soul of Tuscany and Italy at large. The city contains some beautiful sceneries and attractions, so I knew I was in for a treat right away. The city hosts some of the most exquisite artwork in the entire country, and that’s what makes it a top holiday destination. The city’s culture is represented in the art which makes it unique.

While in Florence, there are many places you can visit and have the time of your life. So I decided to start with the Uffizi gallery which is the city’s top museum. It also is a site where you can see Botticelli’s. Uffizi is known across the country for its legit ancient pieces and artwork that date back to some centuries ago. This place is rich in history, and a visit here makes you learn a lot about the culture of Tuscany.

Next up was time to visit Piazzale Michelangelo which is a 19th century Piazza. The square is decorated with copies of Michelangelo’s sculptures to provide an incredible panoramic view of Florence. The view is quite beautiful and attracts many people from all over the world. Within an hour you get a satisfying experience and get to take as many pictures as you want.

A visit to Florence can never be complete without paying a visit to the Duomo – Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore. It was designed at the end of the 13th century and has since become widely recognised as the symbol of Florence. You can’t go here and fail to visit this unique landmark that bursts with culture and heritage.

Finally, I decided to visit Palazzo Vecchio whereby at the entrance I got to see a replica of David indicating his original position since 1873. This place provides a beautiful scene, and within two hours you get to explore a lot from secret passages to sightseeing through the historic city hall.

Visiting Siena

Siena is unique especially in its set up, and that’s where I was headed to spend my next day. It comprises of medieval brick buildings that are unique in the entire Tuscany region. The city is quite beautiful, and peace and tranquillity can be noticed from far. It is the perfect place to get away from work stress and have the kind of relaxation that you deserve.

First, I decided to visit the famous Siena Cathedral which houses a series of the most significant monuments of the European artistic panorama. On average, about one million visit the cathedral every year to make it the fulcrum of the whole complex. One to two hours is enough to get the entire experience of the cathedral and other elements in it.

After touring the Siena cathedral, my next destination was Piazza Del Campo which is Siena’s main square. It hosts the famous Palio horse races that occur in July and August so if you happen to be here around that time you get treated with some brilliant events. When you make a stop here, you barely notice time passing by thanks to the thrill of the races. The square also provides a beautiful view where you get to take pictures and create lasting memories.

Not far from Piazza Del Campo you find Palazzo Pubblico and Museo Civico which was my next destination. At this point, I realise how beautiful Siena is with a lot of sights and landmarks that you can’t find elsewhere. Here, the city’s Civic Museum, housed in Siena’s city hall whose construction dates back to the 13th century, contains some ancient collections including the profound fresco entitled “Allegory of Good and Bad Government.” This experience and the authenticity of all the pieces in the museum is something you live to cherish forever.

After all the adventures it’s time to get back to the castle which at this time, I cannot wait to return and relax in the warm breeze. After getting back, I’m welcomed with a delicious dinner like always, and I take my time until I’m full and ready to relax at the SPA. It’s been a couple of days already here at the castle, and I’ve gotten used to the area, so I decided to walk around the streets as I admire the stars under the bright sky. The peace and relaxation all this brings is something to die for.

The castle is the place to be, and with an abundance of fun activities you end up falling in love. It is the perfect gateway for family and friends without having to worry about anything. What’s more is that the castle is located at the centre of a 650-acre farm that is widely known for the production of olive oil, grain, and honey using organic methods.

I loved my time at the Castle of Montalto and felt like it had become my second home. When the time came to leave, I knew one thing, that I had learned a lot and realised a new better way to view life. Despite going back, the whole vacation is still fresh in my mind, and all the memories never seem to fade away. It’s true the visit to the castle changed my life entirely and having resumed work everything is finally falling in place. With new goals and a huge desire to accomplish them the trip has played a significant role in improving my overall performance.

Touring Italy is a fantastic idea, and anyone thinking about visiting should not be held back. There are a lot of things to do, and you are guaranteed of having as much fun as you imagine. Also, ensure you book flights early enough to avoid any last minute rushes. Enjoy your stay in Italy!

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