Mike Volitich – Albums Which Changed My Life

Which albums would you say were the ones that changed your life? Perhaps the album isn’t a masterpiece or a classic, but it was one which completely changed the way you lived, the way you viewed things or the way in which you looked at music. I was challenged by my good friend Mike Volitich recently as to which albums changed my life and I’ll be honest, it has taken my a while to really think about it. I would love to know what albums were the ones that changed your world, so check mine out and then please share yours in the comments section below.

Michael Jackson – Bad/Thriller

I was introduced to both of these albums at the same time thanks to a cassette tape which had each album on either side. I was 5 years old when I began listening to the cassette and even at that young an age, it affected me a great deal. I loved the music, the sounds, the melodies and the energy of these albums and I still do to this day. Without Michale Jackson I think that my music choices would have been very different once I grew up.

Roots Manuva – Brand New Second Hand

When I used to go and buy CDs I would very often pick one that I wanted and another simply based on the name of the artist- if I had read about them – or even by the artwork on the album. I had been getting into the UK rap scene and had heard the name Roots Manuva a few times, knowing little about him, I purchased Brand New Second hand. Having borrowed my sister’s Sony Discman I put the album straight on during the bus ride home and I can still remember how much that album made me feel, and how it catapulted me into a world of hip-hop, both home and abroad.

Greenday – Dookie

By today’s standards there is nothing heavy about this album but listening to it as a 13 year old it literally blew my mind. I loved the fun, thumping melodies on the album, not to mention the hard rocking nature of Longview and FOD. Without Dookie I’m not sure that my love of punk and hard rock would ever have been born and I owe a great deal to the scout leader who introduced me to this excellent album.

Beatles – The White Album

Like any other youngster I grew up to all manner of Beatles classics and yet it wasn’t until I was 16 that I actually sat down and listened to one of their albums. My parents still had an LP of the White Album and it was a piece of art which literally blew me away. So many themes, so many styles and all of them absolutely astonishing. This was my first real introduction to the Beatles and it most certainly changed my life, and the way that I look at music.

Right then, let’s have your life-changing albums.

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