Here’s How to Plan a Budget Vacation to Bali

So you have chosen Bali as your next vacation destination but are worried about the budget? If you wish to visit Bali, you must have heard or read about the tourist attractions in Bali and their popularity in the world. But, did you check the valuation of Indonesian’s currency with respect to the Indian National Rupee? Indian rupee is much stronger than the Indonesian Rupiah. This means you are already going to feel like a rich on your trip to Bali. But, you should not miss a chance to save some bucks. So, here we are with our tips to plan a budget vacation to Bali.

Start with flight booking – If you want your trip to be budget friendly, you should start being frugal from the time of flight booking only. Check for different flights on different days and book the cheapest flights for Bali from Delhi and way back.

Accommodation booking – Once you are done with your flight booking, it’s time to look for accommodations in Bali. Just like any tourist destinations, Bali to offers various kinds of accommodations. For those who like to spend the vacation in a princely manner, there are options of luxurious hotels and private villas. But, as you prefer a budget holiday, you should look for budget hotels and rooms as paying guests. Many families rent rooms in their private homes to the visitors. Most of them offer breakfast as an add-on service. You can find these low budget accommodations easily online. Places like Ubud and Canggu have budget hotels with well-furnished and air-conditioned rooms.

Transportation – Once you reach Bali, your first concern will be the mode of transportation. If you have an eye on your budget forget about hiring taxis here. The most affordable and fun way to roam around Bali is to rent a motorbike. If you are not a fan of driving a two-wheeler, you can use an application like Go-Jek to hire uber like service. Where you’ll get a motorbike with a driver and you can roam around the island sitting pillion.

Food and Drinks – Now coming to the foods and drinks on a budget in Bali. You can find low budget restaurants all over the place. They are locally called Warungs here. In addition to these eateries, you can see vendors selling street foods everywhere. And, of course, street foods are much cheaper than the foods you get in budget hotels. Eating budget foods in Bali gives you the unique experience of eating out of banana leaves rather than plates. You can get smoothies and fruit juices everywhere in Bali at low costs. But, you’ll need to control your thirst for alcoholic drinks if you don’t want to break your bank. Alcoholic drinks are available everywhere on the island, but the cost is really high.

Shopping – Until now you must be convinced that Bali is a budget-friendly place so shopping would be great here. But, please excuse us for breaking your perception. Go for shopping in Bali only when you are an expert in bargaining. If the art of bargaining is not your thing, then it’s better to keep away the shopping lust. The price of any product of local market is almost always lesser than half the initial price quoted by the sellers.

Sightseeing and activities – Most of the sightseeing places in Bali are free. You’ll be charged at some areas, but, the fee is really low. Taking tour packages for Bali mostly proves expensive so avoid taking such packages. Bali is a place where you need to roam around by yourself and indulge in activities you love. You do not need to buy any travel package or hire full-time tourist guide.

If you keep these things in mind, you can take up this international trip on a budget of local vacation. So, be fast and book your tickets to Bali for the next holidays.

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