5 Reasons to Start Meditating for a Happier Life

You just had your appointment with The Bunion Cure and you saw a TV advertisement of someone meditating. They looked so peaceful, so serene. You’ve always been curious about what meditation can do for you and if it truly does have the power to positively change your life.


That’s why we’re here to explain 5 reasons to start meditating for a happier life. Let’s get into it!


Fosters Self-Awareness


Meditation is a great tool to help you become more self-aware. The goal of meditation is to focus on something, and oftentimes it allows you to become more aware of the thoughts and emotions you’re feeling. Instead of distracting yourself or compulsively thinking, you take a seat and watch as your emotions and thoughts flow through you. In turn, you gain a better understanding of what’s going on inside of you.


Teaches Compassion


Compassion is a deep concern for yourself and others; it’s the recognition of the suffering or pain that’s within us. Meditating helps us to be more compassionate as it allows us to connect with our own emotions which helps us to recognize and relate to the emotions of others. Compassion helps us to have positive relationships, reduce suffering in ourselves and others, and it also creates harmony within ourselves and the world around us. Practicing meditation allows you to grow in your compassion, which undoubtedly leads to an increase in your well-being.


Helps Regulate Emotions


It can be challenging to face difficult emotions, and that’s why it’s crucial to try and regulate them. Practicing meditation is a great way to observe your emotions in a nonobjective and nonjudgmental way. Instead of turning away from your emotions or being overcome by them, you offer them a safe space when you’re meditating. With your awareness, you’re able to nurture them and find their root cause. Doing so helps you to better regulate your emotions as you see where they stem from, and you accept them. Over time, you’ll find that uncomfortable emotions aren’t something to fear but something to learn from.


Offers the Power of Mindfulness


Mindfulness goes hand-in-hand with meditation. The power of mindfulness is what helps you to be conscious of what’s around you and what’s within you. It allows you to have greater focus and clarity in your daily life. So often, we are bombarded with stimuli whether from our own thoughts, pings on our phone, or a constant flow of emails. Mindfulness takes you back to what’s in front of you. In a sense, it brings you back to the reality of life which is only ever in this moment.


Eases Anxiety


Meditation has been shown to ease anxiety. It comes as no surprise as anxiety often stems from over thinking or overanalyzing a situation. Meditation stops this incessant stream of thinking in its tracks, so you don’t get overwhelmed with unhelpful, negative thoughts. Instead, you’re able to allow the thoughts to come and go without grasping onto them.


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