7 Safety Tips for Home Repair Workers

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there are over 6.5 million people working in a construction site daily. That means over 6.5 million people continually face the hazards of working with sharp tools and heavy materials. Objects can fall, workers can trip and fall, scaffolds can collapse, and more. One wrong move can end a repairman’s life. That’s why you can never be too careful when you are making home repairs.

To avoid any kind of accidents, you might want to diligently follow the tips below:

  1. Train Yourself

You can’t handle a professional job without a professional training. You can only get the skills you need to perform a successful home renovation project through training. You need to practice using different tools and equipment. You must also know the basic safety protocols and follow the rules. If you’re working with other people, you need to master proper communication skills.

  1. Wear Protective Gear

Whatever home repair job you are doing, you can’t do it in your shirt and pants. Wear your safety workwear, which includes earmuffs, protective gloves, safety vests, glasses, hard hats, and more. Though these gears can hinder your movement a little and make you feel uncomfortable, you don’t want to remove them. They will protect you when things go wrong.

  1. Be Alert

While you need to focus on the task at hand, you shouldn’t remove yourself from your environment completely. You can’t, for example, wear earphones and listen to music while at work. Also, if you find that anyone in the home build site is violating any safety rule, you might want to report it.

  1. Ventilate the Area

If you’re working indoors, then you might have suffered from slight suffocation. When you work with drills, it’s easy to fill the area with dirt and dust. If uncontrolled, they become unfriendly particles. Aside from wearing a mask, you can avoid getting asthma by creating a good ventilation system. You can open the windows and doors to let the air in. You can also install a good HVAC system.

  1. Get the Necessary Permit

If you’re doing big home renovation projects, you need to inform the authorities of your plan. If your plan is not approved, there might be a good reason for it. You will not get a permit if the project is proven to be too dangerous.

  1. Use Ergonomic Lifting Techniques

Gone are the days when people have to manually lift heavy objects. Now, you can use the latest technologies to do the most difficult and dangerous jobs. Ergonomic lifting techniques must be used to lift heavy objects and transfer them from one place to another.

  1. Don’t Work in the Dark

So the sun has set, and you’re eager to leave work. However, you still have some work left unfinished. No matter how much in a hurry you are, don’t attempt to work in the dark. You’ll only end up with one or two possibilities. One is where you end up hurt, and the other is where you destroy your current work.


You can’t renovate or rebuild your house if you are injured. Thus, it’s best that you stay safe and follow the tips above.

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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Presides Over The Haven Convention 2017

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a global televangelist mostly known for his Christ Embassy ministry. Chris Oyakhilome was born in 1961 as the eldest son of Oyakhilome family. He grew to become a world spiritual leader and philanthropist. He is a former student of Benson Idahosa University where he graduated with the honorary degree in Divinity in 2015.Christ Embassy ministry has been in the service for over twenty-five years. He spread the word of the gospel through holding crusades in various countries, books, and his new television station. He is the author of “Rhapsody of Realities” which is the best-selling devotional guide currently. The devotional guide is translated into more than 700 different languages and is available in more than 200 countries. The guide is translated into French, German, English, Dutch among many other global languages.

Pastor Christ Oyakhilome is also the founder of Inner City Mission project which concentrates on transforming the lives of orphans. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome ministry is based in Nigeria, South Africa, UK and many other various countries. He is one of the great pastors spreading the gospel to many parts of the world from Nigeria. His ministry consists of three major divisions; which include the Christ Embassy, Love world, and a Healing school. Through Pastor Chris mission many people have healed, and their life has improved. He has been in Zimbabwe, Canada, and South Africa among many other places where many have received Christ as the personal savior and many healed from long term illnesses. Chris Oyakhilome has an excellent and dedicated team which helps him in visiting the orphans, the old and diseased to various part of the world where the pastor fails to reach because of his tight schedule. Pastor Chris is known as a digital pastor where he very active in social media platforms where he uses Twitter and Facebook to spread the word of God in daily posts. He has millions of followers who read and interact with the pastor in these platforms.

On May this year pastor Chris and his counterpart pastor Benny Hinn of Benny Hinn ministries partnered to launch a new TV channel in California USA. The two globally-renowned televangelists announced the new channel would be broadcasting during the summer season across all States in the USA. Olympusat cable TV is one of the biggest and independent media companies in the USA. The company offers premium services to their loyal customers who view the TV channel daily. The company will work for hand in hand with Chris Oyakhilome to spread the word of God and reach millions of viewers all over the world. In the year 2003 Pastor Chris launched the 24-hour Christian satellite network which is based in Africa and spreads the message to other parts of the globe. This was the first move by Pastor Chris to enable him to spread the gospel and reach too many audiences within a short time in different places in the world. The launch was successful, and many have abandoned their wrong directions and become the followers of Christ through daily TV programs by Pastor Oyakhilome.

The Haven Convention 2017 was a remarkable event which was presided by the man of God pastor Chris. The event was attended by senior pastors and all members of the clergy of from the ministry and from other denominations. The event happened at LoveWorld Conference center with all nationalities from various parts of the globe. Pastor Chris insisted on salvation and preparedness of second coming of the Christ. All members dedicated their effort to preach in the door to door crusades and to spread the word of God in every street in Lagos, Nigeria.

Pastor Benny Hinn and Pastor Chris were much delighted to launch this new TV program and demonstrated the power of God in their mission of spreading the gospel. The new channel will be hosting gospel artists from different parts, who will testify and share their testimonies among the viewers. The channel will be accessible worldwide by visiting their website and be able to watch all programs.