How to Make Sure Your Christmas Vacation in Breckenridge is Worth it

Picture waking up on Christmas day to snow-covered mountains and a blanket of white covering everything in front of your eyes. Now imagine stepping outside of your log cabin and building a snowman on the lawn with your kids. This type of experience is possible with one of the breckenridge vacation rentals which promises an unforgettable Christmas. Keep reading and find out a few tips on how to make sure you have a trip of a lifetime to Breckenridge in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

Pack Warm Clothes

If you’re not familiar with the temperatures in the mountains during winter, you should prepare yourself. Because of Breckenridge’s altitude, the mercury always hovers a few degrees below freezing point. Snowy conditions are almost guaranteed. But so are the long and cold nights which often drop to nearly -17°C. Those coming to spend a couple of days skiing will know what to bring. You should make sure you have enough warm clothes, especially if you’re travelling with children. Why not stock up on a new wardrobe and give everyone their Christmas gifts before starting your holiday of a lifetime?

Get Ready for the High Altitude

If you’re flying into Colorado to take a family vacation in Breckenridge, you need to get ready for the altitude sickness. Denver isn’t called the Mile High City for nothing and Breckenridge soars even higher. When you go from sea level to more than 3000 metres, altitude sickness becomes a significant concern. Within a few hours, you could be at an altitude where your body isn’t familiar with the lower oxygen levels. Sickness develops when there is less oxygen in the breathable air. As a consequence, each breath contains less oxygen compared to at sea level. This can cause lots of problems to your body leading to fatigue, dizziness and headaches. The only way to overcome this is to wait a few days to acclimatise. Just prepare to take it easy on the first day.

Looking to Enjoy Some Skiing Time? Make Sure You Plan

The vast majority of visitors to Breckenridge in the winter are here for one thing: Skiing (or snowboarding). But there’s a lot of things to do from booking the trip to getting on the pistes. The worst thing is just to turn up and hope for the best. All this laid-back approach does is reduce the amount of time you spend skiing. Instead, think about if you’re going to bring your own equipment or rent some when you arrive. Those looking to rent should get online and arrange it all in advance. That way you just turn up and pick up the gear. If you’re bringing your own, get it out weeks before to make sure everything is still working. Another consideration is taking a refresher course. Those who haven’t skied months or years might need to tune up their rusty skills.

Take Advantage of the Free Shuttle Buses

Every winter when the masses of tourists arrive, the town puts on a free shuttle bus. With several stops around the town, it goes to all the main attractions and ski lifts. This is a great way to get around and make the most out of your time. However, it’s also a good idea to find out the schedules. While the buses are regular, you don’t want to be standing outside in the freezing cold waiting. Walk past the bus stop the night before and take note of the timetable. This way you can plan your trip to avoid long waits in the bitter cold air. You can also take advantage of their service to get around Breckenridge Town and see the different attractions. The free shuttle bus is a much better way to get around than driving yourself or trying to get a taxi. Consider this before renting a car at Denver Airport.

Don’t Get Sunburnt

When the air temperature hovers at around -10°C, it can seem unnecessary to worry about the sun. But some people do find themselves with severe burns after spending long hours on the skiing slopes. As you gain altitude, the sun’s UV (which causes the sunburn) gets stronger. And because of the cold temperatures, you can easily forget to cover exposed skin on your face. Combine this with the reflective nature of the snow and it’s almost as if you’re lying on a sunbed in Thailand minus the heat. It’s a bit of a misconception that you can only get sunburnt when the weather is hot. Apply sun cream on your exposed skin such as your face, nose and ears. And never underestimate the strength of the sun. Otherwise, you might come back down with a red face!

Know a Bit About Breckenridge’s Past

In the 19th century, Breckenridge was a booming gold mining town. Some of the buildings along Main Street date back to this era. Many of the houses have undergone restorations and have transformed into art galleries, museums and craft shops. You can also find tours that will take you around the town and explain the historical context. Others go to the mines and give tourists the chance to pan for gold in the river.

Christmas in Breckenridge

Because Breckenridge is a popular place to spend Christmas and New Year, it’s essential that you plan your trip. You don’t want to find out that you have to wait around the get equipment or use the lifts. Remember to take advantage of the free shuttle bus, make sure you avoid sunburn and learn a bit about the gold mining past.

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