Essential Facts You Should Know about Child Support

According to a recent report by the U.S. Census Bureau, there are about 13.7 million single parents in the United States. However, 25.9 percent of those who are expected to receive child support have not received payment from the noncustodial parents. Meanwhile, among those who received payment, only 45.6 percent have received full payment. These statistics give a snapshot of the current situation experienced by single-parent families. Here, we list some essential things about child support that can help you better understand the topic.

About Child Support

Naturally, the law mandates that parents financially support their dependent children. In a typical household, parents live together and support their children. In instances of separation or divorce, one parent receives custody of the child. This means that the child lives with that parent most of the time. The parent is then responsible for the child’s ordinary expenses and everyday care. Meanwhile, the other parent needs to help with other expenses through child support.

When Does It End

All dependent children receive child support. These are children below 18 years old and those still pursuing full-time education. However, there are instances when child support ends even if the child is under 18 years of age. This happens when the child has married. It can also be due to the voluntary withdrawal of the child from parental control when he/she reaches the age of 16. A judge determines the amount of child support for children above 18 years old. The judge’s decision will take into consideration other income or earnings received by the child from other sources.

When to Apply

The court will only make an order for child support and custody when one parent has moved out of the house. Typically, parents apply for child support after separation or as early as the beginning process of divorce. It is advisable to apply for child support and custody at the same time and at the earliest time possible. This will prevent possible complications in the future. You can get help with child support in Los Angeles by coordinating with law firms.

How is It Paid

Usually, parents use the Child Support Guidelines to come up with a support agreement by themselves. It gives them an idea of the amount of financial support the judge will most likely order. The paying parent must give complete and true information regarding his/her income. One lawyer will have to write the agreement while a different one checks it. In this way, both parents ensure that their rights and their children’s rights are protected before they sign the agreement. In other cases, wherein the parents cannot come to an agreement, the court becomes involved.

When Child Support is Unpaid

The law first and foremost prioritizes the child’s best interests. It believes that the child must have a good relationship with both parents. Thus, even if child support is unpaid, the parent with custody cannot prevent the child from seeing his/ her other parent. The custodial “access” to one’s child cannot be removed due to non-payment. However, government offices can enforce different methods to collect child support from the parent.

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Divorce cases

People file divorce cases due to many reasons like the partners are not of the same mind-set or cases of domestic violence or it can be a mutual decision as well. During these cases the most important asset is the house. At times the division of property is easy while at times it requires intervention of the law. The lawyers will help you with the division of property and your entitled alimony amount. Your joint assets are equally divided while in some cases the individual or separate assets have to be shared.

Child Custody

The child custody or support cases are one of the most critical ones. There are many criterions that need to be followed while deciding upon the child’s custody. Shared parenting has been observed to be the best way for upbringing of the children after the divorce. Each parent has the right to visit their children and under shared parenting is entitled to spend at least one third of the time with them. Under this mode of parenting both the parents are required during the school meetings, appointment with doctors or other such occasions which directly have a connection with the child’s development and progress.

In cases of child abuse or depending on the child’s attachment to any of the parents the custody is given to the suitable individual. In this situation, the children can be visited weekly by the non-custodian parent. Another major custody decider is the financial stability of the parents.

The lawsuit analyses all of the conditions and provides you with the best possible solutions so you can lead a life of self-dependency. In family matters it is also necessary that you receive the compensation you deserve and a law professional helps you get so.

Have a Happy and Balanced Lifestyle After Divorce

After going through a divorce, most people suffer a lot because they’ve lost something that used to be very important to them. While the legal side can be a grueling process, things will get easier after you’ve settled everything on the court.

It will not be easy, but you try to adjust yourself to the changes little by little. By making these adjustments, you’ll have a happier and more balanced lifestyle.

Finish All the Legal Proceedings

In order to have a balanced life, you have to get rid of all baggage first. This means that in the eyes of the law, you have to be single. That way, there won’t be your ex-spouse’s shadow hanging over you. The best way to deal with the legal proceedings is to get a lawyer to help you. It pays to get one from a law firm that has a team specially for family law. Firms such as CoilLaw, LLC are good choices for these kinds of cases.

Arrange A Schedule for the Kids

Unless your ex-spouse is a convict or a very unstable person, your kids can visit him or her from time to time. To be fair to your ex-spouse and kids, you must create an arrangement where they can still bond together. The best way to do this is to create a schedule. For example, your kids can go visit your ex-spouse on the weekends and stay with you on weekdays. This all depends on your agreement.

Decide on Custody

Depending on the laws of the state, it is possible for both parents to divide the custody of their children. This is on the assumption that the you have more than one children. Deciding on legal custody is part of the entire procedure and must be handled swiftly for the sake of the children.

Get a Hobby

After the divorce and legal proceedings, things may seem a bit different since you won’t have to worry about taking care of a spouse anymore. With more time on your hands, you can do things that you don’t usually have time to do. Now’s the best time to get a hobby or concentrate on work. Either of these will allow you to have a more fulfilled life.

Bond More with Your Friends and Family

Now is also the time to catch up with old friends and relatives. Spend more time with them since you have more time to do so. When one relationship is gone, it’s important to cherish the others and build strengthen your bond with them.

Seek Counseling if Needed

If you’re not taking the divorce very well, then don’t be afraid to undergo some divorce counseling. Not everyone will have an easy time adjusting from a divorce. This is why there are therapists who specialize in helping clients who have a hard time coping with it. If you feel like you need counseling because you can’t move on, then seek a counselor immediately. It is important that you get therapy before your emotional state becomes worse.

Final Thoughts

Though going through a divorce is rough, it doesn’t mean it’ll be hard forever. As long as you do what you have to do, you can still have a happy life. These tips will help you move on from your past relationship and live anew. You’ll have a happier and more balanced lifestyle once you adjust to the changes.

NY Court Dismisses a 250-million-dollar Tax Fraud Case Against a Russia-born Former Trump Associate

Business Insider had learned that in September, a Manhattan-based court dismissed a 250-million-dollar civil tax fraud case which was against Felix Sater, a Russian-American businessman.

The civil tax-fraud case that was against Felix, a former President Donald Trump associate, and the Bayrock, real-estate development, and investment company that he co-founded, was being prosecuted as a case that is qui tam, which is allowing a whistleblower filing on behalf of a state. The office of the attorney general could then choose whether it wants to intervene or not.

In that case, the purported whistleblower was Fred Oberlander, a lawyer who at one point was representing Jody Kriss, the former business partner of Felix, in a money-laundering suit that was against the real-estate development and investment company. An attorney who was at the hearing told Business Insider that Fred acknowledged that he had already filed his qui tam complaint that was based on the information that the federal judges from the original complaint of Kriss had uncovered.

The attorney stated that the argument didn’t go well for Fred, and it looked possible that the complaint was going to be dismissed based on the use of information by Fred that the federal judges had earlier ordered to be dismissed from the federal complaint being confidential.

Felix and Robert Wolf, who is his lawyer, confirmed later that the case had been dropped.

The office of the Attorney General Eric Schneiderman rejected to intervene in that case in 2016. Eric sent a letter in Feb last year notifying the Supreme Court of New York of a press release Fred had issued that was misleading, claiming that Eric had given green lights to the case when in reality the State had declined to intervene. The office of the Attorney General stated that it was going to continue monitoring the case going forward on protecting the rights and interest of the state.

Wolf, Felix lawyer, stated that the case was dropped on the merits instead of being dismissed on procedural grounds. He noted that Fred together with another lawyer that was involved in the case against Felix, Richard Lerne, have on two occasions been referred to the Department of Justice for criminal contempt concerning their offense in the proceedings that was against Felix.

Lerner told a reporter that he is planning on appealing the ruling to throw that qui tam case.

The first lawsuit brought in 2010, against Felix and the real-estate development and investment company by Jody Kriss, a Bayrock’s former finance director. Kriss didn’t have a hand in that qui tam case that was brought afterward by Fred, claimed that for most of the company existence it was substantially plus covertly mob-owned as well as operated. It was engaged in a series of constant, related crimes, including, wire, mail, and bank fraud; embezzlement; extortion; bribery; conspiracy; money laundering, and tax evasion.

Kriss accused Bayrock’s founder, TevfikArif, and Felix, of cheating him from millions of dollars through racketeering, money laundering, fraud, among other offenses. A judge from NY ruled that the lawsuit might move ahead as a racketeering case in December.

According to that was filed by Kriss, TevfikArif and Felix started negotiating in 2003, with the Trump Organization regarding the criminal past of Felix. In a deposition of 2007, Trump stated that his organization wouldn’t have agreed to partner with the Bayrock company in the Trump SoHo development had he known about the past of Felix. Also, Trump said he wouldn’t be able to identify Felix if they were put in the same room.

The Bayrock’s office used to be two floors below the Trump’s office in Trump Tower based in Fifth Avenue. Someone familiar with the incident, who requested to remain anonymous for fear retribution by Felix or his partners, told Business Insider earlier that Trump and Felix had standing meetings every week.

Bloomberg previously reported that Felix said in a statement that he met with Donald Trump on a regular basis. Kriss told Bloomberg that Trump valued the loyalty of Felix and his Russia connections.