Frederick Oberlander’s ethical violations

In 2010, Frederick Oberlander, a New York lawyer, filed a civil complaint against an international real estate and investment company, accusing them of fraud.

Oberlander filed the suit on behalf of a former employee of the firm, Jody Kriss, and another individual. Oberlander claimed that the company had a secret partner, Felix Sater. Over the next few years, it became clear that Oberlander had participated in some scandalous activities, which have undermined his reputation.

In various court proceedings, Oberlander committed a number of ethical violations in filing the lawsuit. By disclosing personal data from the criminal records of Sater, which were sealed by the court and considered top secret, Oberlander was guilty of a major ethical violation.

Oberlander was subsequently subject to an injunction affirmed by the US Court of Appeal for the Second Circuit. Further proceedings in 2014 and 2015examined Oberlander’s misconduct in connection with the use of these files.

In 2015, the district court for the Southern District of New York imposed sanctions Oberlander and his clients based on his refusal to comply with court orders seeking to determine the source of the information in the complaint, which Bayrock had argued was illegally obtained.

Oberlander was also subject to disciplinary proceedings before a federal grievance committee to determine whether his legal license was to be withdrawn due to his misdeed. The accusations against Oberlander were as follows: Knowingly violating the law, disclosing sealed materials and attempting to obtain a settlement by threatening further illegal behaviour. The committee issued an order suspending his legal license for one year, beginning on 1 September 2018.

The defects of Oberlander ‘s character were further highlighted by actions taken by other companies. A friend of the lawyer, Robert Lerner, represented Oberlander in proceedings relating to his use of the sealed information. Wilson Elser, the law firm for which Lerner worked, refused to be associated with the case and withdrew from the representation. Lerner kept representing Oberlander and left the firm. Wilson Elser is a highly respected law firm that wanted zero ties with Oberlander, a fact that is indicative of his character.

In short, Oberlander violated numerous ethical and legal in representing a former employee of Bayrock. These actions prove that Oberlander cannot be trusted. There is nothing to prevent Oberlander from practicing law again and carrying out more inappropriate activities when his one-year suspension is lifted.

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