Slip and fall mistakes that can ruin your insurance claim

For everyday commutative work, you go out to the departmental store, business purpose, grocery store or for your office. You might find the wet floor after cleaning by the sweepers. These wet floors are sometimes left as it is without any caution warning signs.

Passing on them you might get slipped or cause you to fall down. Falling may be embarrassing and sometimes it causes some fatal injury that can let you lay on the hospital bed for weeks or months. There are many cases found in Los Angeles where people avoid it and complain later slip and fall accident.

Claiming your insurance becomes hard and effortless that where the Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer comes. They help you to get the compensation on behalf of the injury lawsuit from your insurance policy.

Things that you should do if you fall or slip and face an accident

  1. Reporting your slip and fall to the manager: If you are somewhere in the grocery store or in the departmental store or in your office do not hesitate to complain to the manager. People often feel embarrassed in this type of situation and they try to leave that place. Instead of doing this ask the manager to give you an incident report copy and make sure he files a report on your behalf.
  2. Don’t be sorry: People often feel after falling down that it was their fault and automatically they say SORRY after getting up. Instead of saying sorry after you fall down you must know it was really your fault or not. Sometimes it might be you but not all the time. So don’t be sorry in every situation and find out the fault.
  3. Never forget to talk to people near you: When you slip or fall down you might get really embarrassed about you and you try to skip to that place as soon as possible. But do not do that instead of talking to people around you and if it was not your fault then ask the near spectators for their contact.

Talking to them helps you to get a witness and will become easier for you to claim your insurance. The Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer can use it as proof for the insurance claim.

  1. Do not forget to collect the evidence: You may be feeling pain after you fall down but do not skip to collect some pictures of the area where you fall down. Try to click close-up pictures where you fall it will act as evidence in your case.
  2. Don’t record sentence to the insurance company: Insurance Company has turned this as a clever option. What they do, they record your statement and uses against you. This makes you away from the insurance claim amount, resulting in negotiating the amount.
  3. Visiting doctor: Visiting the doctor will make a proof and can be used in the claim.

These were the few points that you must remember and can be helpful to you to claim your insurance.


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