Writing Good Content for Your Ecommerce Site

Having an ecommerce site makes a lot of sense for businesses who also have a physical shop and want to reach a wider audience, or for people who develop digital products like e-books and software. It can also be a better way to sell your own products than using platforms that you can sell on like eBay and Etsy, so can be a good route to market for small manufacturers and craft businesses. Whatever your reasons for having an online store, you want to make sure you get as much traffic as possible from your target demographics, and that you can convert as much of that traffic as possible into revenue.


Photo by Stuart Miles at freedigitalphotos.net

A lot of achieving both of those goals comes down to the content you have on your site.

Content is a Vital Part of Your Site’s Design

When you are setting up your online store using Magento ecommerce or whatever your chosen ecommerce platform is, you may be mostly concerned with choosing a nice theme, applying all your branding, and creating a good checkout process. These things are of course, very, very important, however you do need to get people to find your site in the first place, and then actually have enough info about what you are selling to make the decision to buy. This is all done with written content, and whether you write it yourself or hire copywriters, you need to get it right.

Product Descriptions

Every product on your site needs a well written description, but you have to remember that these are as much for helping your search engine rankings when somebody is looking for that type of product as for explaining the product to people who have already landed on your site. For this reason, you should use a keyword strategy in them, and make sure they are of a suitable length. One line product descriptions may seem like all you need to describe an item, but they won’t help your SEO. Neither will product descriptions you have copied and pasted from other sites selling similar things. If you have a lot of products it may seem like a large undertaking to give each a unique, keyworded description of a given length, but it is well worth doing even if you need to hire people to write them for you.

Blog and Other Content

As well as the product descriptions and the essential pages like your ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact Us’ pages, you will need other written content to help market your site and boost SEO. A good FAQ page can be very helpful to visitors and also give you an opportunity to place keywords, but what you also should have is a blog. Here you can write sharable, engaging articles about your industry, product niche or whatever else you think visitors will like, and this will not only help search rankings but also give visitors something to come back for even when they aren’t shopping, keeping your brand in their minds.

The written content on your site is very important, so don’t overlook it when you are at the design stage and keep adding new things regularly!