Word of advice before tooth implant

A dental implant is like a tooth root that is sectionally disposed into the jawbone under the gum line that allows the dentists to replace the set of teeth or fill in the gap between the teeth. A dental implant is not a one day process. It takes at least two to three sittings in completing the surgery. If you want to get a good and healthy teeth implant or surgery, visit Lamas Dentist Miami.

Importance of replacing missing teeth

The implant is a process of replacing or repairing the missing teeth. Some points to be considered to understand, why it is important to replace missing teeth;

  • Once you replace the missing teeth, you will start eating all cooked as well as raw food. It also looks good and encourages you to smile openly.
  • It is very important to implant the teeth because the change in your bite due to loss of teeth can lead to problems with jaw joint, which is most commonly known as a temporomandibular joint.
  • Due to the loss of protein and other nutrients, people lose their teeth. This becomes difficult in chewing and eating food. The implant will help them to get their teeth back and bringing in the self-confidence as well.


Several types of implants

  • Root form- the root form of implant is made up of titanium. The shape of this implant appears to be like a cylinder and screw. When the implantation is done successfully then the screw type root automatically fixed under the jaw and abutment attaches to it.
  • Subperiosteal- another form of implant is known as Subperiosteal. Here the tooth surgery requirement is to fill the dense layer. This is the outer layer of the teeth to which the muscle is attached. When the inner layer is capable to form the bone, then this type of implantation takes place.
  • The mini- mini implant is less complicated than the other types of implant. It involves attaching the crown of teeth beneath the jaw, which takes less time and can be done without spending much on it.


How to take care of oral implant?


Lamas dental Miami suggest that cleaning teeth after the implant is necessary. It is better to take care of the teeth in the first six months of the implant. If the gum is not healthy no dentist will go for the tooth fixing surgery. If your bone is not strong enough to bear the tooth implant, then you require to go under bone graft. Bone graft is a type of surgery which supports in fixing the teeth beneath the gum.

Many dentists suggest that people who go under the implant should not smoke or drink alcohol for at least six months of surgery. This can weaken their teeth bone. After the implant, one can get have better nutrients, which make the teeth much healthier and strong. This tooth implant requires the supervision of dentists. So it is very important to visit your dentist regularly, at least the first six months of the surgery.


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