Why Were You Fired Even If You Were Good At Your Job?

Competency is considered to be your ability to do the job. While it is a huge part of the success equation, it is not all that is necessary. This is why forums like NYLF focus on many other things. The assumption that simply because you are really good at your job you are secure and you will not get fired is completely incorrect. You do not have job security because of it.

The hard truth is that even the people that are the very best at the job they have can lose it due to many different possible reasons. If you were fired and you have no idea why, even if you were highly competent, some common reasons can be mentioned. In many cases you will not know why you were fired. Everything depends on the individual and situation. Inside knowledge is normally needed. Even so, here are some things that you should remember about the topic.

Getting Along With Colleagues

It does not matter what the job is. In every single case you will need to get along with your colleagues. The skills you have might be above those of your peers but there is a clear expectation of cooperation and friendliness. If you create an uncomfortable or hostile environment, you are at a high risk of being fired. You can be the very best possible at the task you do and still be fired simply because you cannot get along. Your work will be affected and you will be labeled as someone that is not a team player.

Breaking Rules

Whenever you do something that is against rules or inappropriate, competency cannot possibly save you. As a simple example, sexual harassment will always get you fired. This is true even if you show tremendous skills and work. The business and other employees are practically put at risk because of the way in which you act. You need to always be aware of the policies that exist at work.


If you disrespect people that are located above you on the career ladder, you will be in trouble. Some of the behavior you have might not seem to be disrespectful for you but those above you might. All from assuming that you know much more than your boss to insults can simply get you fired. Do not go over your boss if you love your job.

Disrespect against clients is always unacceptable. When you act inappropriately or disrespectful towards a customer or a client, business money is automatically lost. Because of this, it is better for the business to fire you.


We need to be honest and acknowledge the fact that there is always the possibility that you are not that competent. There are people that think skills are greater than what they initially think. If this is the case, it is possible that you do not actually possess the ability or skills needed to do the job as expected. In other situations it is possible that you went up to a level that is beyond skills. You were really competent at the old job but when you got promoted, you are not as great as you might think.

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