Why Varicose Veins Are More than a Cosmetic Issue

Varicose veins are the bane of many women’s existence; however, it is likely that most people don’t know that not only are varicose vein a problem for both males and females, but at least thirty percent of the population will experience the pain, discomfort, and unsightly symptoms of varicose veins.





Those with varicose veins typically seek treatment due to cosmetic reasons, but the condition can also lead to pain and other physical ailments that should be treated by a physician. Many of those with this condition suffer from swelling, particularly around the ankles. This can lead to a tightening of the skin and some discoloration to affected areas.


While this also sounds cosmetic, swelling in the legs is often a sign of fluid retention near the heart. The red, dry skin near the site of bulging veins is commonly known as a form of eczema. However, this condition can be a sign of waste build-up in the legs. Again, this is a sign that heart health is affected, not just your skin.


That’s just the beginning of negative health issues for one with the bulging veins of this condition. Patients often suffer from cramps and may be unable to sleep properly due to restless leg syndrome. Should the patient receive an injury to the affected area, even one that is relatively minor, excessive bleeding may occur. Finally, those with the condition may experience a complication known as superficial thrombophlebitis, which is an inflammation of the vein but may be an indication of infection.





Of course, you might wish to rid yourself of this condition due to the unsightly bulging veins associated with it. Laser surgery or vein stripping is commonly used to treat the condition of varicose veins, but the treatment for varicose veins might also include wearing compression stockings or increased physical activity. (Obesity is a risk factor for developing the condition, but it is not the only cause of varicose vein.)


Approximately thirty percent of the population is affected by veins, such as described above. Again, they can be painful, and they are also an indication of other physical ailments. Therefore, the treatment for varicose veins should not be viewed as something that is simply vanity. This is something that causes many to be conscious of their looks, but it is also a quite painful condition at the same time.


Furthermore, some patients will eventually develop skin ulcers as a complication of varicose vein. These skin ulcers have been associated with the development of cancer. Blood clots may also develop as a result of the damaged veins, and, in patients who experience obesity, fat necrosis may occur near the ankles.



Final Note


As you can see, varicose veins are not merely a cosmetic issue. They can be representative of other health problems in patients, and, while most patients with vein issues consult a dermatologist for treatment, vascular surgeons also provide treatment for the condition. They may provide the laser surgery or perform vein stripping to treat the condition. However, with this health issue, recurrence is a problem.


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