What to Do If A Crash Has Affected Your Mental Health

Suffering an injury in a no-fault motor vehicle accident can be a terrible thing for anyone to experience. But what happens if the damages caused by the accident are not only physical, but also affect your mental health.

Many people after suffering an accident can become a little anxious when getting back behind the wheel. This is to be expected and will get better over time but in more serious cases injured parties can suffer from more serious mental health issues.

Just because you can’t see inside someone’s mind does not mean that it has suffered an injury as a result of the accident

Common emotional injuries

According to Florida Physical Medicine, the most common emotional injuries that people suffer after a road traffic accident include:

  • Depression
  • PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder)
  • Anxiety
  • Memory Loss
  • Sleep Issues

Common Symptoms

Like any mental health issue, symptoms can be hard to spot.

Many people after an accident have flashbacks of the accident or even nightmares. They may also start to avoid certain driving situations like not wanting to drive on their own or at night.

Chloe Smith was involved in a car accident that happened at night, the car in front was turning right, she slowed down and came to a stop when the car behind crashed into her.

Miss Smith stated, “for around a year after the accident I would not drive at night and would begin to panic if I saw the car in front start to indicate”

How to treat a mental injury

One of the main things needed after suffering a no-fault injury is time, it is normal to become anxious whilst driving after being involved in an accident.

Australian Accident Helpline believe that ‘many people who have suffered an injury in a no-fault accident also suffer emotion trauma but do not come forward.’

Talking about your experiences is also a good way to get back on track, either to friends or family or even a medical professional.

If you seek medical help, they may prescribe medication, this may only be short term so don’t worry if you have been prescribed something.

Can I claim if my mental health has been affected after an accident?

After any accident that was no fault of your own, you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

If the accident has affected things like your work or general livelihood you could be compensated.

The best way to find out whether or not you are eligible to claim for your injuries is to speak with a motor vehicle accident lawyer. They can access your situation and advise whether you have the grounds to make a claim

In Conclusion

Not everyone’s mental health is affect after an accident, some only suffer from physical injuries, some both whilst other may only be affected mentally.

The most important thing for anyone suffering mentally after an accident is to talk about their issues and get help. The longer it is left, the worse it may become

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