What are the best destinations to travel to in February 2017 – Part II

Having Valentine’s Day on 14th, February is considered as the month of “Love”. As such, we recommend for tourists to book coming trips with their travel agents in a romantic destination that guarantees a few days of love and happiness.

In this article we will continue providing the exclusive destinations we recommend to visit in February? Why do we choose them? How would you enjoy yourself in each of them?

Small county, lots of entertainment | Bahrain

Average temperature: 28° C

Why Bahrain in February?

February is the perfect month to visit Bahrain, since it is very hot most of the year.

It is perfect for short adventure trips and family vacations.

What to do?

The best thing you can do is to book a luxury hotel in Manama, and relax in the modern world-class resorts.

Enjoy tens of malls, shopping centers and entertainment water cities, including “The Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park “.

Visit the famous tourist attractions in Manama such as Fatih Mosque and Bahrain National Museum.

Important information:

Bahrain is the perfect destination for shopping and entertainment.

Tourist experience in Bahrain depends on luxury and distinctive hotels, thus, we recommend booking a good hotel in the capital, Manama.

A trip to the land of wealth and sultans | Brunei

Average temperature: 27° C

Why Brunei in February?

Brunei has a tropical weather which is hot and humid most of the year. You can also visit Brunei and its neighbor Malaysia in the same trip

Brunei sultanate is one of the richest Asian nations despite its small size, and has many high-end luxury hotels. Brunei is also well-suited for honeymoon trips.

What to do?

Brunei is famous for its many artistic mosques, including the most famous mosque, “Hassan Bolkiah,” which is the largest mosque in Brunei, as well as the mosque of “Omar Ali Saifuddin”, which is considered the most beautiful mosque in Asia.

Visit the popular markets and learn about the people of the “Jadong” area.

Visit Tasek Lama

Experience sultans’ life in one of the luxury hotels and resorts of Brunei.

Important information:

Residents of Gulf States and many other countries in the world can travel to Brunei without a visa, or can obtain a visa upon arrival at the airport.

Brunei main airport and can be accessed from the Malaysian state of Sarawak.

Good destination with affordable costs | Jordan

Average temperature: 15° C

Why Jordan in February?

February is the best time to visit Jordan, which has a hot weather throughout the year.

Jordan is perfect for short adventure trips and family vacations.

What to do?

Shop, have lunch and explore the Jordanian capital of Amman, which includes a lot of tourist attractions and fun activities for families.

Book a night or more in the city of Aqaba, the only seafront in Jordan, which has warm weather even in the winter months.

February is perfect for visiting the monuments and having an unforgettable adventure in Petra, Wadi Rum, Jerash and the Dead Sea.

Important information:

Take advantage of the special prices of Jordan hotels in winter.

Expect rainfall and cold snaps.

The wonderland of Asia | Singapore

Average temperature: 15° C

Why Singapore in February?

Singapore’s tropical weather is hot and humid throughout the year. February is the best month to visit this beautiful country, despite of the occasional rainfalls.

Visiting Singapore in February is quite suitable for shopping, entertainment and short holidays, since it has fewer tourists in winter.

What to do?

There are plenty of sights that worth seeing in Singapore, such as the botanical gardens, Marina Bay, Singapore Flyer (scroll wheel) and the zoo.

Take a trip to the famous Universal Studios, the city of entertainment and adventure.

Singapore has many different museums, tourist attractions and modern shopping malls with the most famous of them in the shopping street, Orchard Road.

Enjoy a world of Asian flavors with food brands and markets in the popular neighborhoods of Singapore.

Important information:

Singapore is a bit expensive in general.

Expect rainfall in February.

Enjoy a vacation like celebrities and the rich | Monaco

Average temperature: 11° C

Why Monaco in February?

It’s a dreamy romantic destination perfect for a short trip to Europe

It’s one of the few places in Europe that has warm weather in the winter.

What to do?

Monaco has many stunning beaches and luxury shopping centers, restaurants, cafes and bars, which make it the ideal destination for lovers of vibrant nightlife.

Visit the ancient city in Monaco, known as Ville, which includes many churches, palaces and ancient romantic attractions.

Monaco has many interesting museums such as the Museum of Marine Biology “Oceanographic”.

The port of Monaco is the crown jewel of the city with dozen of restaurants and hotels that feature panoramic views.

Important information:

Although Monaco is an EU country; you can travel to it with the Schengen Visa.

The nearest airport is the Nice Côte d’Azur International Airport in France.

Monaco is an independent state composed of only one city which is divided into several neighborhoods, including the important administrative district “Monte Carlo.”

French is the official language in Monaco. People of Monaco also speak English and Italian.

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