Upcoming Sporting Events To Look Out For

For many it feels like a long time since we watched our favourite sport or game either on TV or from the stands at the stadium, the good news is that it looks like many are on their way back – in combat sports the UFC has held a number of events over the past week  to great success, football in Europe has returned and UK racing may also be on its way back. This is some great news if you’re looking to get back into some betting too as many sites are now starting to swell with offers, if you’re looking for some of the best deals this site lists them so you can get started right away, but what are the sporting events you can bet on?

The Royal Ascot – The date set forward by the UK government for sporting to return is at the start of June, with the Ascot being scheduled to get underway on June 16th – this will be the first UK racing event since Cheltenham took place at the end of March just days before the lockdown was put into effect – the huge event is always a fan favourite, and after months of postponed and cancelled events this will surely garner a lot of attention – expect to see some big numbers put up as punters return to place their bets once again.

Bundesliga – Germany was the first of the European countries to get football back underway, and the Bundesliga has found some great success because of it. Holding a number of games over the weekend with up to eighteen games scheduled per week over the coming weeks, there’s a lot of football to catch up on. The goal is to play out as many games as possible in a short amount of time to see the season through to the end, as such there is plenty to watch in the coming weeks.

Serie A, La Liga, and the Premier League – Following the good example set in Germany, the football leagues in Italy, Spain, and the UK are also preparing to get started as players return to team practice. There have been further delays in getting these seasons back underway but much like the Bundesliga, the goal has been outlined to see the each played through until completion – to do so, they will need to match the Germans in how games are being played and amongst the four leagues it may be that we see upwards of 70 games in total being played – a lot of football to consume, but will be welcomed by many after a two month layoff.

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As further recovery happens, we’ll slowly start to see other sports on their way back too – Cricket series are lined up for June, motorsport may be looking to make a comeback as NASCAR held its first successful event since the outbreak began and combat sports are also looking to fill their slots – these will all likely continue without any fans in attendance for the foreseeable future, but for many it provides a welcome change and entertainment after months of lockdown.

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