TruGreen Lawn Care Helps People Find the Right Type of Grass

It can be difficult to choose the right type of grass for your particularly lawn. Trugreen lawn care understands how confusing it can be. There are a number of factors that are of importance, and you do have to consider them if you want to create the perfect lawn.

Trugreen Lawn Care on Choosing the Right Grass

One of the most important factors in choosing grass is how much sunlight and shade it will get. There are three classifications of grass:

  1. Shade
  2. Sun/shade
  3. Sunny

Before you decide, you need to look at the area where the grass will be planted to determine how much direct sunlight it will get. Choosing a sunny grass type and planting it in a shaded area will be almost impossible to maintain.

Another factor to consider is the area that you will plant, and particularly how much moisture is present there. If the area is sandy and dry, for instance, you will need a different type of grass to an area that is high in moisture or damp. When you come to choose a grass seed, make sure that you check which type of water content is best for it and find out whether that is what your soil will offer.

Lots of different grasses exist, and all of them have preferences in terms of soil conditions, seasons, and climates. It is important to choose one that is, if not truly native to your area, at least suitable. Usually, grass is placed in a category that denotes the season that it prefers. For instance:

  • Ryegrass, bluegrass, and bentgrass are types of grasses that love areas where there are strong seasonal differences. It likes warm summers and cold winters, in other words.
  • Zoysia, thermal blue, and fescue, by contrast, are grasses that like areas where there are few drastic differences between the seasons. These grasses love areas such as Knoxville, TN, Savanah, GA, Richmond, VA, and Lexington, KY.
  • Wheatgrass, meanwhile, is a native grass and a beautiful one, but not one that is particularly suitable for lawns. Rather, people use this to make health juices.

If you want to create a beautiful new lawn, or if your existing lawn is in need of repair, then you shouldn’t simply purchase the first grass seed box you come across and hope for the best. Rather, you need to pay close attention to the different things that will determine how successful the plant will be, and how much work you will have to do in order for it to thrive. For instance, if you were to plant a sunny grass in a sun/shade area, it is likely to survive, but you will have to water it more often, perhaps mow it more often, feed it more often, and so on.

Generally speaking, it is best to work with a professional company like Trugreen Lawn Care, so that you are guaranteed to have a lawn that is suitable and that will look absolutely beautiful as well.

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