Trending Web Design Apps for iPhone 6

Are you one of those iPhone owners who work in the field of web and graphic design? You have definitely made it to the right place as today we will be talking about the best web design apps of 2015. You will be glad to know that the Apple App store offers a wide range of useful iOS applications that contribute in sorting out varied requirements of web designers in a quick and systematic manner.

Revealing top apps for iPhone 6 : An absolute must for web designers to know

  • Adobe Color CC– This color app functions to capture varied color combination. All you need to do is to focus the lens of the camera to something colorful. Within seconds, the app will extract a huge array of colors from that particular object. Previously, this app used to known as Adobe Kuler.
  • FontBook- For typeface lovers, this app is definitely worth a try. Here, you get to lay hands on more than 35,000 typefaces making it all the more attractive to the eyes of web designers across the globe.
  • Paper by FiftyThree- Having bagged the prestigious Apple Design Award of the year, this particular app is extremely useful in managing your entire creative stuff in the most organized fashion possible. You can download the app for free. Nonetheless, you need to buy the web designing tools.
  • FX Photo Studio- It can be rightly described as a fascinating app that brings about a number of cool and innovative ways to improve the quality of images. The best part here is that the app can be used by amateurs and as well as professionals.
  • PicLab – Through this app, you can edit the pictures via a number of integrated tools. In addition to this, you get to make awesome image collages and perform varied kinds of artwork with the help of this app.
  • Font Candy- The main benefit of this one-of its-kind application is that it allows users to overlie pictures with texts in an easy and simple manner. You just need to select a desirable font and overlay an image with a suitable text. This means that you get to include inventive captions and also perform a series of related creative work on the images on your iPhone 6.
  • Behance- Aptly popular for embracing creativity of web designers across the globe through a perceptive website, this particular app has become extremely popular among iPhone owners all over the world. Here you can submit your creative work to be published on the Behance website even when you are on the move.

To fully utilize such useful web design apps, it is important that you get good and reliable internet plan. Worthy to check out is the iPhone 6 16 GB from iiNet and choose from a wide range of broadband plans through which you can use these amazing apps all the way and boost your creativity in web design.