Tips on how to make a wedding flower bouquet

Wedding bouquets are one of the most important parts of your wedding. The bridal bouquet is something everyone looks forward to when the bride enters the aisle. The bouquet should complement your outfit and at the same time be photogenic for the photographs and videos to come well. To add personalized look and feel you can go for DIY wedding bouquets by buying wholesale flowers online. You can also be very specific to your floral designer about the bouquet instructions to get your desired look.

Take care of the blooms well

First and foremost aspect is the fact that you don’t want to mess up with the flowers’ health. Make sure you keep them in a place with well-managed temperature. Wash the ribbons and wires properly with which you will keep the flowers intact together. Don’t keep the bouquet near the Air conditioner for a long time or the flowers will begin to wither. Trim off the leaves and cut the stems diagonally to keep the flowers fresh for a long time.

Get the right balance

The right balance simply means the perfect balance of small and large blooms, expensive and reasonable price and right shapes of flowers. We would recommend going for larger blooms as the center flower and decorate it with smaller blooms as complementary flowers. As far as the greeneries are concerned, keep in mind about the size of the bouquet and come up with a optimum quantity. Do not over do the bouquet with expensive flowers. Keep one flower expensive and for the rest buy wholesale flowers online.

Go single with flower and color

A single flower for a bouquet is a wonderful way to go for the wedding bouquet to avoid all sorts of inconvenience. The trick is to know the right kind of floral arrangement for bouquets. For instance, you can create an all rose bouquet with shades of white and pink. Or, you can simply go for a bunch of orchids with purple and pink shades. You can also stick to monochromatic colors with different flowers. For instance, you can choose an all peach bouquet with different category of flowers.

Don’t forget to play

Amidst all the wedding planning and hassle, don’t forget to be creative while designing your bouquet. Your floral designer is your helping hand only. To give the bouquet your own style, you need to be able to play with the colors and flower categories. You can buy few wholesale flowers online and experiment at home about which flowers go well together. You can also look for inspiration online.

Use florist foam

Do not forget to use the florist foam for your flowers to keep them intact throughout the ceremony. You do not want your bouquet to wither right after the wedding ends. Your florist will actually spray them before anyway but don’t forget to apply it if you are going for DIY wedding bouquets.

Keep space for the flowers to breathe

While arranging the flowers, make sure you keep enough space between flowers for them to breathe. Pushing too many flowers into a smaller radius will fasten the withering time of flowers. Keep ample space between two flowers. You can fill in the gaps with small stems and foliage.

All the floral supplies you need

Do not forget to get the floral supplies beforehand. While getting the wholesale flowers online, order the floral supplies as well or simply get them from a nearby local store. You will require floral tape, scissors, cutters and pruners, floral wire, floral glue, floral wire, ribbons, flower setting spray and definitely plenty of water. We have listed the common and basic floral supplies only; you might need more of them depending on the type of wedding bouquet you want.

Simplistic way to go

Our recommended strategy is not to overdo with the wedding bouquets. A combination of simple and sleek flowers is good enough to create an overall impact. Using too much flowers or too many colors will make the design look amateur and less attractive.

Before creating a bouquet, keep a dichromatic and monochromatic color scheme in your mind. You don’t want to lose the appeal of colors with forcing too many colors into one single bouquet.

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