Three Medical Devices That Have Improved Our Health

There have been numerous devices that have been developed by the private sector that are directly responsible for improved health of Americans and other people throughout the world. The following are three of these devices and how they have improved people’s lives. 

Automated blood pressure test machine
These machines will not only test your blood pressure, but they will do so automatically.
Simply slip your arm into the cuff and push a single button. The cuff, then inflates and cuts off at the proper time. As the cuff deflates, the machine takes a blood pressure measurement. Because it is automated, much of the inaccuracies are removed from the measurement. When this is done with a manual device, an accurate measurement is heavily dependent upon the technique and skill of the person taking the measurement. 

In addition, these machines are available at low cost to consumers, so individuals can take their own blood pressure in the privacy of their own homes. These devices are also lightweight and operate on batteries, so they can be taken with a person while traveling. Automated blood pressure test machines have improved people’s health by providing accurate information about one of the most important numbers regarding an individual’s well being. Diet and exercise, as well as medication, can be used to bring these numbers down to healthy levels. 

Automated treatment for diabetes
For those who need to inject insulin on a daily basis, there are insulin pumps available that will deliver insulin in an automated fashion. These insulin pumps have changed the way diabetics live their lives. Instead of having to react to your meals and exercise by using insulin, an insulin pump takes over, and you can put your life first. You no longer need to worry as much about your insulin levels. The insulin needed is delivered to your body without any input from you. In addition, because of the way these machines deliver insulin to the body, you do no have to use needles to check your glucose levels throughout the day. This reduces the probability of getting an infection from the needles. 

Hearing aid improvements
Hearing aids have been around for decades now, but today, the technology has improved in so many ways. To begin with, they are smaller than they have ever been. A patient can be wearing one and no one will ever notice. They have a greater range than in the past. In fact, some of these modern hearing aids are so good that you can hear better now than when your hearing was normal. You can hear people talking at great distances or close by when they are apparently mumbling to someone with normal hearing. With all of these improvements, getting a hearing aid as you get older is no longer depressing to a patient, but it has become exciting experience. 

You can purchase an automated blood pressure testing machine at many discount retail department stores. Insulin pumps are available at pharmacies when prescribed by a doctor. Modern hearing aids can be found at many businesses that specialize in this type of product. They may be covered or partially covered by your insurance and many of these companies offer free hearing tests. Miracle-Ear is one example of this type of hearing aid company.