Things to Keep in Mind if You Want to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way

Being overweight is a problem that millions of people around the world are struggling with. In fact, the latest federal data shows that about 40 percent of American adults and 20 percent of adolescents in the country are obese. Overall, about 70 percent of all Americans are either obese or overweight, and this implies that unhealthy weight in the US has become the norm. These statistics explain the reasons why more and more people are looking for the services of a weight loss clinic in Pleasanton. Although there are many products and methods that promise to help people to lose weight quickly, the truth is that losing weight in a healthy way is more complicated. Below is a rundown of the things you should keep in mind if you have decided that you want to lose weight.

Be Realistic

For you to lose weight without compromising your health, you have to be very honest with yourself. For instance, if you don’t like cooking, deciding to cook healthy meals every night may not be a sustainable approach in the long run. Instead, you can choose to cook for a couple of days per week and order healthy food from a restaurant for the rest of the days. You also have to be honest as far as your food preference is concerned. If you do not like popular healthy foods such as quinoa, you do not have to force yourself to eat it. Just consult your weight loss clinic in Pleasanton for other healthy alternatives.

Be Patient

Although rapid weight loss is possible, it is usually not sustainable. It is therefore wise for you to pursue slow and steady weight loss. A healthy rate of weight loss should be 0.5 to 2 pounds per week. However, you should not focus so much on the numbers. You should instead concentrate on building consistency.

Choose a Diet that Works for you

Although some diets have been hyped by people as the holy grail of weight loss, the truth is that there is no one “best way” for everyone. Therefore, it is wise to pick a dietary approach that can easily fit in your lifestyle. The best diet is one that can help you shed some pounds and still provide your body with adequate nourishment and energy to run your day-to-day errands. Talk to your nutritionist about your lifestyle and health for you to get a weight loss plan that will work for you.

Look Beyond the food

Weight loss is not just about eating well and exercising. For instance, in addition to eating well and exercising regularly, it is advisable for you to have adequate sleep and work on reducing your stress levels. It is also wise to have a supportive community or even get yourself a health coach. Without a great positive support system, the other approaches to weight loss may not work for you sustainably.

The Takeaway

Overall, it is apparent that losing weight in a healthy way can be quite a daunting task. There is a lot that needs to be put into consideration. For instance, you have to be realistic and find help from an expert. If you are looking for a reliable weight loss clinic in Pleasanton, CA, East Bay Wellness is the answer.


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