The Future Of Sports Betting

It’s not an industry that is often publicised on the national news, but sports betting is one of the biggest markets in the world, and one that has been growing constantly for the last two hundred years.

Sports betting goes back as far as there have been civilisations, and it’s one of the oldest hobbies known to man. Today’s sports betting scene is completely different to what our ancestors would have known, however, and a big part of this is because of the Internet.

Sports betting, for the last century or so, was a pastime that required the average punter to take a trip to the local tracks or match, find a bookmaker, and lay down a wager. The number of problems with this scenario is why it was also a pastime that was confined to just a small number of people – often the ones who could afford it, which is why horse race betting was mostly a hobby of the wealthy.

When the Internet became more widespread and more common, everything changed. Now, the average punter can load up whichever website they want, bet on just about any game in the world, and watch the game in real time, and even having the ability to change some bets on the go.

It’s now possible to punt on games from Canada all the way to New Zealand, where sports betting NZ has become one of the countries favourite ways to pass the time.

Is Sports Betting in Danger?

The problem arises from the general loss of popularity for certain sports that sports betting has relied on for decades.

Greyhound racing, for example, is a sport that is essentially extinct, with many countries around the world outright banning any form of official Greyhound racing. Horse racing has also taken some hits, with many vocalising their dislike of it and calling for its end.

Even in the world of traditional sports, such as rugby, have also seen a decline in recent years. Australia has recently been at odds due to a series of losses against foreign teams, as well as record-low attendance rates at home games.

For some, it may seem like the pastime may seem like it’s in real danger of becoming little more than a memory of an older world that has changed dramatically.

Where Sports Betting Lies Right Now

The sports betting scene has seen some changes in recent months, however, especially thanks to the United States. Due to a ruling by the Supreme Court, sports betting, which was once illegal across the country, has now had its ban lifted in New Jersey. Many expect the trend to spread across the United States as more states open their doors to sports betting.

The stats for betting on large events like the Super Bowl proves that sports betting, at least in North America, still has many years left.

eSports betting is another sector that has seen recent growth. As e-sports become more popular around the world, many bookmakers have been making changes to accommodate the emerging punting attached to sports betting. For now, the world of sports betting is safe, and it’s doubtful that it will ever, truly fade away.

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