The Best Accounting Software Is Flexible and Versatile

With mobile access and cloud-based systems and storage, accounting, invoicing, and business management services can meet any business scale and cover the most demanding situations.

Software providers developed features and business tools most often used by small firms and medium sized businesses in early products like Great Plains accounting software. Today, the best accounting software includes a wide range of comprehensive business support processes such as the Sage One system of accounting software. It manages accounting and finance, business processes, and human resources. It is scalable to cover complex organizations, and it remains simple and easy to use. With mobile access and cloud-based systems and storage, these accounting, invoicing, and business management services can meet any business scale and cover the most demanding situations.

Finding the Right Fit

A discussion of the best accounting software for enterprise management for small and medium sized businesses included products that can manage fundamental processes. A good example was Great Plains software; it was one of the first in the field of enterprise management solutions. Currently, there are a wide variety of accounting and enterprise management software systems including the comprehensive array of Sage products. The difficulty is in finding the best fit for the business. Many factors must be considered including the ease of use and features that match size and complexity of the organization.

Historical Perspective

For many decades, small and medium-sized enterprises used the human resources management features of enterprise systems similar to the Great Plains accounting software. In the current market, companies can gain greater flexibility and added functionality through products that merge easily with other third-party applications to perform many essential and time-consuming functions. These solutions can manage banking, finance, and cash flow, oversee and control human resources and payroll functions, and manage and document payments.

Scalable Systems

The best accounting software offers scalable features that can expand as an organization grows. The cloud-based systems have an exceptional capacity to add data. Unlike server-based storage, the provider manages system capacity and performs maintenance tasks. The cloud-based systems are always ready to accept new tasks. Unlike an enterprise server system, there is no lag time for hardware installation and software programming. The customizable features of online products such as Sage One’s Sage 50 series are ready to operate at full capacity from the first contact. Rather than days or weeks of lead time, one can start the process from scratch in the morning, and have it up and running in the afternoon.


A primary advantage of the best accounting software is the extent of integration into the everyday functions of the business. Once properly installed, the software can handle many tasks that would otherwise consume time and effort. The software can gather information and assemble it into easily retrieved categories. This customizable feature can provide facts and summaries for many important tasks including sales reports, financial status, banking, credit, revenues, and expenses. Automation reduces the time and effort needed to perform tasks. It frees resources for the main purposes of the organization

Organizing Information

The best accounting software handles data and permits tracking transactions from many aspects. It also handles related information that adds functionality to the system. For example, the systems can assemble account information for each customer; it can also keep related details such as histories, contact information, and credit and other terms of the relationship. One can customize the format and have a convenient summary of many helpful pieces of information ready whenever needed.

Continuous Access to System Tools and Data

Managers can access the online, cloud-based software on a continuous basis. This feature connects to an entire range of software services. Enterprise resource planning includes human resources, project staffing, outsourcing arrangements. Small and medium sized businesses often have multiple banking accounts, credit cards, and several business locations.

Mobile Applications

In an online environment, mobile devices can connect to web based software systems from anywhere at any time. The cloud-based accounting and invoice management software systems permit owners and managers to work while away from usual workstations. The best accounting software provides mobile applications that connect to the system tools and database information. Far beyond the software categories pioneered by Great Plains accounting software, Sage One offers mobile apps that put an extensive range of data at the fingertips no matter the location. It provides enterprise resources management and connects seamlessly with many essential processes including point of sale technologies, inventory tracking, document management, and invoice management.

Ease of Use

Most small business managers prefer to focus efforts on the organization’s business processes and key functions. When required to manage accounting programs, they seek easy to use software solutions that do not require an extensive learning period. The system designs are an important feature; they must work well with many user levels of skill and interest in the subject. In medium sized businesses, the many users will likely us the systems, and they will do so from various workstations and mobile devices. Full-time access is vital, and it must accommodate a wide range of devices.

The Best Accounting Software for Me

Finding the best accounting software depends on the needs of the business. Flexible and versatile solutions work best and offer easy transitions as the business grows in volume and complexity. Sage One offers two broad categories of accounting software. The first focuses on the critical area of invoices. It is a comprehensive system for customer relations management that features prompt payment and online invoicing. It also provides a full-service business accounting system. For enterprise solutions that include micro businesses, small and medium sized organizations, Sage One offers a package with a wide range of services. It includes customer relationship management, and it is capable of integrating with e-commerce, inventory management, organizing documents, sales, and much more. Sage One provides extensive support and before selecting customers can try a demonstration at the company website