The benefits of using prepaid calling cards – Are they worth your dollars?

We all know that the information technology industry is all set to reach a milestone due to its rapid growth. Apart from the IT industry, the prepaid phone card industry is also experiencing some phenomenal growth which has gone unnoticed by most people. Communication technology has evolved with years and with the technological advancements, making long distance calls has become as easy and simple as making local calls. Cost was the major factor when it came to international calls but with the innovation of prepaid phone calling cards, cost-effective calling has become the new trend. Go through the concerns of this article to know more on prepaid calling cards.

What advantages can you reap from calling cards?

If you’re wondering about the ways in which you can benefit by using calling cards, here are some points to look forward to.

  1. Extremely low rates: Prepaid phone cards have extremely low international calling rates, both in international and domestic USA, if compared to traditional long distance services like the VOIP. When you use a prepaid phone card, you can actually save up to 95% on your international long distance calls. You won’t even require switching to long-distance carriers to get the benefits of competitive rates.
  2. Can be used with any phone: The best thing about calling cards is that they can be used from your cell phone, home telephone, office phone and you don’t even need to discontinue with the current service that you’re availing. In most cases, it has been seen that a phone card offers much better calling rates.
  3. Best option while traveling: Before you go out for a tour or you travel for a business trip, make sure you get yourself a prepaid phone card. Calls that you make from the airport, hotels will all be done at a much lower cost. You just need to contact your hotel to ensure they accomodate the use of such phone cards.

Beware of the common complaints associated with prepaid calling cards

Although there are several benefits of such cards, you need to be aware of some of the common complaints associated with them.

  • PINs or Access numbers often don’t work
  • Access numbers always remain busy
  • Rates may be much higher than what has been advertised
  • Cards may charge you even when your call doesn’t go through
  • Poor quality connections
  • Per-call fees may be deducted from the time

In case you face any problem with a prepaid phone card, you should call the service provider. For instance, if you have NobelCom Calling cards, you can call them for assistance and if you have the Nobel App installed in your phone, you may even get online instant assistance from them.

Hence, if you want to decrease the calling rates of your international and long distance calls, take help of prepaid calling cards. Look into the benefits before opting for one.

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