The battle in the premier league

The premier league is known for being the best football league in the world and the league that all professional football players dream of playing in one day. The league is very physical and competitive with each season being hard to call who will win the league or who will be relegated and many UK online casinos list is offering different platforms for the odds on this when playing online across the different platforms that are available to choose from.


Who are the top teams?


When it comes to the premier league, it can be hard to call the top teams which each season provides a different outcome for how the league finishes. In recent seasons the top six have been near enough the same but this season it is a real battle between many teams to compete for a place to play in the European competitions next season. The well-known teams consist of Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool. These are the top teams that are usually competing for the title and there are a few teams below them that are also in contention but not as popular as these four.


The league is never easy to call a winner just like when Leicester City won it in previous seasons, and they were never a favourite for the league with them being 5000/1 to win the league at the time that they won it. The premier league teams that feature in it are all top teams with any one of them being able to compete for the title and avoiding relegation.


Is the relegation battle tough?


The premier league offers a tough relegation battle as all the teams in the league are capable of being relegated from it this would cause the club to lose out on a lot of money and sponsorship deals. The league is known as one of the most competitive around the world with teams battling to stay up to ensure that they spend the next season within the league.


Teams coming up from the championship are usually the favourites to get relegated the following season although in recent seasons some of the teams coming up have progressed to be some of the more dangerous ones in the league and have proved they are good enough to stay in the league for another season and avoid relegation.


You can read above how competitive the league has become and how easy it is to be relegated from.



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