Super 6 tips for the next round

By looking at how best to approach the next round of the Sky Super 6, you’re pitted with the opportunity to take as much as £1 million for a winning prediction. The game itself is based on final scores in football matches, where you need to correctly name the score in six games chosen by SkyBet. It’s free to play and comes with no catches, so it’s always worth making sure you’ve submitted your Super 6 prediction to be in with a chance of being rewarded with the jackpot.


Despite it being so popular, you won’t see much exposure of the bookmaker game or much sign of Super 6 tips on the internet. You’re able to monitor a handful of football betting websites who operate their own Super 6 tips, but with only a few to work from, you’re likely to end up submitting your entry without any guidance. Unlike betting, no fees apply, and no stake is necessary, allowing you to be riskier with the sorts of predictions you might choose to make.


SkyBet Super 6 Rules


On the SkyBet website and a dedicated Super 6 app, you can enter in your predictions for the next round. These are extremely specific, with you having to name the exact final score for six matches chosen by the bookmaker. Even by being just one goal off the actual final score in one match, your entry will be classed as a loser, with the only consolation being that the person who came the closest to winning the Super 6 will take a £5,000 cash prize in the event of no player with a 100% correct prediction.


Another consideration to make is the Golden Goal tiebreaker, which appears at the bottom of your Super 6 round entry, with it being used to pick the winner out of a few players who were all correct with the six football fixtures. It’s rare that this would be used, as the Super 6 is difficult enough to win without having more than one person winning in a chosen round, but it’s worth taking it seriously in case it ends up being important.


Your Super 6 predictions


As it matters so much to be perfect in your Super 6 prediction, your own Super 6 tips must be as likely to happen as possible. The best way to improve your Super 6 entry is by looking into the form and past results of each individual team to work out what stands a strong chance of coming into fruition. This means that if Manchester United were scoring lots of goals and were set to play a Crystal Palace side who were capable of scoring but not likely to take any points from United, you could put a 3-1 or 4-1 win for Manchester United.


You might think that other players use a magic ball to predict their Super 6 tips, but they have to use these sorts of tactics just to come anywhere close to being crowned as this week’s winner. The included matches usually consist of fixtures from the Premier League, Championship, Champions League, Europa League and other major competitions, but it hasn’t stopped moments where the jackpot has been won from a game finishing as a 0-0 draw.



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