Sports world-wide continues the recovery from COVID-19

The entire world has been badly affected from the COVID-19 pandemic and it is only now that we are finally seeing improvements being made, in many areas around the world. It has led to people now having to spend extended periods of time within their own homes, due to the enforced lockdowns and this has meant that many areas of online entertainment have been more important than ever and seen some real growth, like these. Online casinos have been a go-to for so many people throughout the period and even stood in for a period of time, when we continued to see support events postponed and cancelled around the world.

Yes, sport was one of the industries that has really felt the brunt of the pandemic, with spectators unable to attend events in virtually every part of the world. It has shown the strength of TV deals, that has enabled for things to continue. We saw both the Olympic games and European championships also postponed in 2020 and moved to the latter period of 2021, which expectations that these are set to go ahead with little to no issues.

Sport has continued its recovery, since many of these events were postponed and even cancelled and it is certainly going to be a difficult road to recovery for some. Many of the smaller clubs across sports around the world have been unable to stay afloat but we have now seen the bigger clubs pitching in, in order to help them. In the Premier league for example, many of the leading clubs have clubbed together in order to help save sides in the lower divisions of English football. Much of the money is made in the Premier league and it is incredibly lucrative due to the TV deals now in place, so they were pushed from the off in order to help out.

That is just one example of the recovery that is being made but there is no doubting that some clubs simply will not survive this period, without help. On top of this, with spectators still unable to attend events, this is further adding to issues for sports clubs, so the sooner that fans can return will be better, looking ahead to the future.

Let’s hope the pandemic recovery continues to progress and we return back to some form of normality, sooner than later.

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