Smartphone Apps Which Travelers Will Love

Each summer, my buddy Gordon Tang and I spend at least 3 weeks traveling, either here in the USA or further afield. Whenever we travel, that is exactly what we do, no weeks spent on the beach in a comfortable hotel, we much prefer to explore and look for adventures with some breakneck traveling.

For me one of the most important things that I carry with me when I travel is not so much what is in my suitcase or bag, but rather what is downloaded to my phone. Without some phone applications, my travel life would be way harder and I wanted to share with you some of my favorite apps which I never leave home without.

Google Maps

Naturally it makes sense to know where you are and where you are going when traveling and a map application is a no brainer. There are a huge amount of phone apps on the market and in my view, Google offers the best. There is so much to like about the way that Google do maps, from the ability to synchronize with your other Google accounts, the way in which you can search for places of interest in your location, and then see photos and links for each one, as well as the fact that you can use the app even when you have no phone signal. The most complete maps app is Google in my view.


TripIt is an application hiccup basically manages all of your travel plans, and puts them in one place, it is kind of like having a travel secretary. As soon as you get an email of confirmation about your travel plans, you can forward it straight to the TripIt email address, where it will then be sent directly to your phone app. Within the app you can keep all of the important details such as travel dates and times, confirmation numbers and locations. If you are traveling a lot, this is the app you need as it will ensure that you not only have all of the important info which you require, bit it can also help you to keep your schedule on track.

Google Translate

Google come up trumps again for me with their translate app and for anyone traveling in countries where they do not know the lingo, this is an app which can help greatly. Whilst the app may not always be 100% accurate given that it translates individual words rather than phrases, it can always help you out when you are in a sticky situation. The best use of this app in my view is the voice recognition software which it uses, if you don’t understand what someone is saying, you can record it on the translation app, and then it will give you the nearest possible translation. some times you may be able to get away with speaking English in a foreign country, when you can’t, Google is on hand to help.

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