Signs That A Household Repair Is Necessary

Being proactive is always better than being reactive, this is especially true in regards to household repairs. Waiting to address a household problem can be costly, time-consuming, and extremely frustrating: there’s no reason to let a problem sit if it can be fixed. But how exactly can you tell when you need to be proactive? Well, it depends on the specific household problem. Certain kinds of degradation happen faster than others (areas that are always exposed to weather for example). Let’s look at a few common ways to be proactive with your home and how to recognize if a household repair is necessary.


Chimney Crown

Like mentioned above, external parts of a home usually face more problems faster than internal ones. A chimney is always exposed to the elements. Surprisingly, the inside of a chimney doesn’t receive as much precipittaiton because of the entry angle and depth of the chimney; however, this can’t be said for he outside. The chimney crown, the topmost part of the chimney made of remaining mortar, can wear away from constant weather. Check your chimney crown often for cracks, divos, or chipped portions. Consult the property restoration experts of Brickworks at for additional help and resources.


Another external part of the house, the roof faces constant barrage from the sun, wind, rain, and everything else Mother Nature can throw her way. A roof is comprised of rafters, trusses, sheathing, and shingles oover it all. If shingles become damaged or fall off, moisture can begin to creep into your home, causing mold, sinking walls, and other issues. Taking a monthly inspection of your roof is a great idea — especially after severe storms. If any external damage (missing tiles) or internal damage (leaking walls) is spotted, try to get them fixed as soon as possible. Related to this concern, this is why gutters are important for your house.


Lastly, a sinking foundation can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Excess rainfall, seismic activity, and the passage of time can cause this problem. Like your roof, monthly inspections of your foundation is a great idea. If you notice that a corner of a wall is much lower than the others or if your patio sidewalk sinks into the ground, don’t hesitate to get help. The sooner a team of professionals can raise and repair your foundation, the less expensive the problem will be down the road.


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