Scott Tominaga – The Most High Flying Jobs in the Financial World

With the stock market lying and no top in sight, the financial industry is hiring in droves. In fact there is a shortage of quality employees for a number of high paying jobs. Simply put, the schools cannot graduate young people fast enough.

The best advice from financial industry professionals like Scott Tominaga, to those who look to enter the financial industry, is to It is always pick a career that represents something you love doing, no matter the money you might receive.

You never want to wake up one day with the feeling that you have chosen the wrong career. But with that said, having the money you generate from a high flying financial career can make it easy to enter a new career or even start your own business.

Here are some career options for you to consider if you are thinking of taking the plunge into the financial industry and you want to be a high flyer in the industry.

Broker – Stock, Options, Commodities

Brokers are comfortable working in a fast paced industry that is all about handling large amounts of money being moves in one direction or another. The job of a broker is to pick the best opportunities for clients to enter. The broker will also tell a client when they think that it is time to sell also. Brokers buy and sell stocks, options, futures, or commodities. They handle large amounts of data continuously and the smart ones have a system that is proven over time.

In order to be a great broker, you need to have a sharp mind, great attention to detail, a passion to understand the financial markets, and to be tireless. For those who succeed and build a client base, there is a lot of money to be made. You must remember however that you will essentially be running your own business so expect some lean times in the beginning.

Hedge Fund Trader

In terms of the highest-flying job in the financial world, hedge fund trader might be it. This job requires that you move large amount of client’s money quickly in and out of trades Hedge find traders have their own strategies and use proprietary software to execute split second trading in markets around the world. They have no passion about any particular stock or company, they are only interested in the market moves of the stock allowing them to profit from trading. Because of the way they trade, it does not matter whether the market is going up or down, they can win either way. Hedge fund traders take big risks and receive big rewards when they bet right.

The requirements for the job is a great understanding of the markets and a voracious appetite for knowledge about the markets. You also need to have an almost six sense about the way economies are moving and an ability to quickly take advantage of what you know. Finally you must be fearless. And of course you have to have a love for making money because if you are successful at this job you will be rich.

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