Saving Energy in The Workplace

Making seemingly small internal changes can lead to much bigger changes further down the line, and with energy prices on the rise, saving energy in the workplace is certainly something many businesses will be looking to achieve. These don’t need to be huge bespoke changes with astronomical costs either and can be done in a very low impact way, and come with the added benefit of helping businesses achieve net zero goals, too.

So, what are some of the most effective ways to cut back on energy costs and emissions in the workplace?

Car sharing, EV benefits, and cycle to work

The cycle-to-work scheme has been implemented across the UK for quite some time now and has met some huge benefits for those that have managed to take advantage of it, and for many has been the most cost-effective solution to reducing emissions and cutting costs too, but it isn’t for everyone and not the most plausible solution for everyone.

Car sharing is another great way to help reach net zero goals on an individual basis across the office and businesses can offer incentives for doing so with some businesses even encouraging it for team-building purposes. This is more of a neutral approach to saving energy but can be effective if the team as a whole subscribes to this approach.

Finally comes a potential to change to EV usage, and whilst incentives for doing so are starting to dry up, the vehicles themselves are becoming cheaper. Whether this is the team using EVs for personal vehicles or a business changing to a fully electric fleet, this can be a fantastic way to reach net zero goals in the long term.

Efficiency for energy consumers

Another of the big changes often made come to things like lighting, heating, and other office equipment as switching to lower impact solutions can save lots of energy in the long run. Replacing typical halogen bulbs with longer-lasting and lower-impact LED lighting for example is a simple and rather cheap option.

There are other solutions including timed devices that will switch off power to devices out of office hours and lead to savings here, these devices aren’t foolproof but can be useful in helping reduce costs, particularly when looking to outfit other parts of the office such as bulbs and heating.

These are just a few of the many different approaches businesses are taking to reach their goals, and with energy prices surging across the country now is the best time to take action to start seeing the benefit of potential savings.

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