Ron Hindt talks about the benefits of daily devotion to God

As everyone knows, there are certainly different levels of devotion when it comes to religion. For some of us, it might occur on a daily (or even hourly) basis. For others, it might be more sporadic. Today’s article is going to concentrate on the former, and how a daily devotion to God really can be beneficial.

This has stemmed following the book from Ron Hindt about Seed Thought Devotional. This explains some of the key ways in which a person can devote their time to God on a daily basis. Following on from this, we will now take a look at some of the advantages of following such an approach.

It allows for direction from God

Every time we devote our time from God, it is an opportunity for Him to provide direction and wisdom in a bid to make the correct choices in life.

This is something that most of us are just not able to do, and we are suffering as a result.

It stops the fast flow of day-to-day life

It doesn’t matter whether you follow religion or not, this is something that will most probably affect you. It would be fair to say that recently, normal life seems to have got much more hectic. It’s fast paced to say the least – and most of us just can’t do anything about it to slow it down.

This is where daily devotion to God steps into the picture. It’s here in which we can finally stand still, and reflect on what is going on with life. It is also an opportunity to reflect on God, which should then give you the chance to find peace every day.

It brings everyone together

Even if you reside on different sides of the world, few would disagree that daily devotion to God is a way in which everyone can be brought together. Regardless of where you are based, what language you speak or any other major differences – daily devotion is something that everyone can do together.

Sure, you might not be spending direct time with your loved ones, but via God you can all feel each other’s presence.

You will become more like God

The amount of time you spend in the scriptures is going to be reflected in your personality. A daily devotion is the time in which you can really get to know God closer. This should in-turn make you act more in the way which He encourages.

Your love for God will continue to grow

When you spend time with a person, your love and admiration for them tends to increase. The same can occur through daily devotion, as you are effectively spending more time with God by your side.

Many believe that the “secret” joy occurs merely through spending time with Him. Due to the fact that daily devotion entails just that, one can’t disagree that this is only going to improve for your relationship.

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