Remote Work Opens Up Free Time Opportunity

The standard 9-5 with long commute on either side may be a thing of the past as the global health crisis has led to a big shift in the way many of us work – remote options have become more prevalent and those looking to explore travel options with guide found at have been able to see the sights whilst working too. It’s still a relatively new change for most, and there’s a learning curve to come, but the change to remote work may enable newer opportunities for free time and hobby exploration, and other changes yet to be made could be just as impactful here too.

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Surveys and studies have already become commonplace to explore the big changes for remote work and leisure time has been one of the big benefits found, individuals have found more opportunities than ever before to explore passions and hobbies that have been harder to come by with the long days and the lack of time to dedicate to these other options – it’s something that may look to improve in future too with other trials.

Another adjustment being suggested has been for the possibility of a four day working week, some companies have already gave this a shot in varying ways with one approach being extending days by an extra hour or two to cut a day off at the end of the week, or keeping the same working schedule but with a three day weekend instead – with the change to remote working and the possibility of a shorter working week too, it may enable yet more time for those looking to explore these different passions, whilst it’s not something that can become as widespread as remote working, the lucky few who do have the opportunity to explore this change will certainly find some big benefit for doing so.

This doesn’t only exist for online options too as noted with the number of individuals exploring remote working opportunities as the ability to travel and explore tourist favourites mean offline options are growing too – people jetting off on holiday and hitting some entertainment favourites whilst able to work remotely at the same time has been yet another great option too and has shown how valuable the change has been, it’s still a learning period for others though and looking to online resources to find out the best ways to take advantage of this newfound flexibility and adjustment period and the best ways to find ways to grow this time further too as the work life balance is much more in favour of the individual rather than the work balance.

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