Plagiarism and Other Common Mistakes to Avoid in Essay Writing

In the educational journey, essay writing is an inescapable part. And learning to craft excellent essays is one of the most significant skills one can master during your college years. But many students make a lot of errors when writing or learning the art of essay writing. Though you cannot avoid the writing essays, you can still make efforts to prevent some of the common flaws including plagiarism.


The act of passing off some content from someone else published work as your own is a serious crime. Typically, universities and colleges have strict rules and regulations regarding plagiarism. They make use of Plagramme essay checker to ascertain that students’ essays are unique in case they had not employed ways to keep off plagiarism.

If found guilty of plagiarizing you may get suspended or sometimes may get you expelled. Remember, you will not fool your educators. So, if you directly take phrases and text from someone else content, you may get in trouble. Your essay must contain an original thesis, ideas, and analysis backed up by relevant research from scholarly authorities.

Overuse of quotes

In most cases, your essay should exhibit your comprehension of the subject and the extensive research you have performed to support your argument. But if you overuse quotes from your research or the work you are analyzing, it great destabilizes your authority on the subject matter. See, any quotes you intend to use should be utilized in moderation.

A frail thesis statement

For you to write a good essay, you must come up with a strong thesis. So, a good thesis statement acts as the hook on which upon which the other part of your essay hangs. It should be specific in stating an opinion.

Use of resources that are not reliable

In this age of the internet, you can browse many articles, but not all the results that you get are credible. So, you should always make sure that all the resources you intend to utilize are from academic experts. You can browse for valuable strategies and tips on how to get reliable educational resources online.

Bibliography mistakes

Unless your tutor asks you to use a different layout, the known academic essay format is the MLA style. You should always make sure you cite resources perfectly in the MLA format. So, you do not have to lose valuable points over bibliography flaws. Put a little more effort you can ensure little to zero mistakes in your bibliography.

Writing a synopsis rather than giving an analysis

When writing an essay, you should create an argument and support a thesis. For example; you can get some background to back up your work about literature. However, the most important part is your analysis that is based on reliable research. You should not reiterate all that happened in the book.

In conclusion, these mistakes explored above can cost the good grades that you may desire. And if you avoid these flaws, you will drastically improve your writing of essays. You can get high quality and courage in your academic writings. Your educators too will be happy to see you improve.



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