People Start To Dismiss Breast Augmentation Myths

The popularity of breast augmentation is steadily growing. This is in part due to the fact that numerous misconceptions and myths that appeared in the past are starting to be dismissed. Although there are still many women that have misconceptions about the procedure, here are some myths that should not be taken into account that so many already see as they are: myths, according to experienced NYC breast augmentation specialists.

You Get The Same Results As Someone Else From The Same Surgeon

Referring a surgeon is quite common for plastic surgery but you simply cannot expect the exact same results as your friend had when you go to the same surgeon. That is due to the fact there are no 2 bodies that are identical. If you get the same procedure done as a friend, you cannot get the exact same results. What is important is to talk with the surgeon about what you want to achieve. He is the best person to tell you if your goal are realistic or not, based on the characteristics of your body. Various factors impact final results for all cosmetic procedures.

Breasts Will End Up Looking Fake

This is, most likely, the most common of all myths associated with breast augmentation. To be fair, some years ago the options that were available for the procedure were not numerous. Many of the implants used a long time ago gave looks that were not natural. Implant outline, for instance, ended up being visible at a breast’s side and breasts could easily look bad based on the frame of the woman.

Nowadays, technological breakthroughs give us access to various different implant sizes, compositions, profiles and shapes. Plastic surgeons have what they need to give you a result that is as natural as it should be. Actually, in many cases the procedure is done to fix some appearance problems, making the woman more confident as her breasts end up looking more natural than before.

Breast Implants Have To Be Often Replaced

Many women think that the breast implant has to be replaced once every ten years. You will be happy to hear that this is a misconception. When the implant is not leaking and there is no problem noticed around the breast, the implant is still good and you do not have to replace it. The breast implants come with a manufacturer warranty of 10 years, thus leading to the mentioned misconception. An expired warranty though does not mean that the implant is not fully functional and safe. Basically, you need to go to the doctor when something seems wrong and you will be told if the replacement is necessary. This happens much less often than what you may think right now.

Breast Augmentation Has A Painful Recovery

Last but not least, women started to learn the fact that breast augmentation recovery is not as painful as they think. Obviously, muscles and incisions are going to be sore but the soreness and the pain will normally be manageable with mild medication. Also, because of technological advancements recovery time is shorter than ever.

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