Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Hosted Special Conference

On July 14th and 15th of 2018 when people would usually be watching football, thousands of believers gathered together in the SSE Arena in Wembley, London, to participate in a special conference that was hosted by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Among those in attendance include leaders, pastors and partners of the church. The event was organized by the Christ Embassy in cooperation with the leader of the ministry: Pastor Christ Oyakhilome himself. The event lasted for two days, and each day the proceedings began at 3pm local time in Wembley.

In addition to the spiritual leaders, pastors and partners of Believers LoveWorld who were in attendance were also thousands of believers. There were reportedly so many in attendance that every seat in the stadium was filled to maximum capacity. Among the guests in attendance including representation from people all over the world, including North America, Africa and other countries. The leaders of the organization expressed their pleasure with the turnout, especially since the conference was held on the same day as the 2018 World Cup matches, indicating that regardless of the fact that a huge football event was in full swing, people still turned out for the religious event. The organization surmised that this turnout despite the World Cup indicated that believers would rather spend their time in the presence of the Man of God rather than keeping up with a worldly sporting event.

This special conference by the Leaders and Partners’ Conference in the United Kingdom was reportedly just the tip of the iceburg for the many programs that the Believers LoveWorld and Paster Christ Oyakhilome have planned for the second half of this upcoming year. According to Pastor Christ, 2019 will be the “Year of the Supernatural,” which reportedly means that it will be an essential time for all believers of the gospel he and his organization preaches.

Reception of the conference was favorable. The thousands of leaders and partners who turned out fro the event were reportedly impressed by the organization as a whole as well as by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome‘s inspiring words. Some of the pastors in attendance expressed their surprise and excitement at the overwhelming participation in the event. They also commented on the dynamic nature of the environment and how memorable the participation in the Man of God two-day conference was.

Pastor Chris openly expressed how pleased he was with the conference both before and after the event. He also encouraged more leaders and pastors to join him and the Embassy in their ministry and planning for future events and conferences, stating, “We are taking this thing to another whole new level by the power of the Holy Ghost.”

Pastor Christ Oyakhilome also went on to announce that he had come to London for the conference in hopes of spreading the word of God will all who attended and catapulting everyone to a “new pedestal of faith.” Based upon the huge representation and diversity of the people in attendance, the organization surmised that he was successful in reaching his goal of reaching as many people as possible.

The Embassy and everyone who participated in the event marked it as a success in the spreading of faith. Those in attendance said that it was all made to create “a glorious demonstration of the Spirit of God through teaching, prophecies, miracles that would impact leaders and partners in the BLW Ministry, for the greater works to be done.”

Believers, leaders, pastors and seekers are all encouraged to obtain information about future Embassy events and follow all the latest news by checking Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s official website at the following destination:

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