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At The Training Room, we pride ourselves on being accessible to everyone. That’s why we offer many of our courses on an e-learning basis and our personal training course is no exception. If you’re looking to break into the health and fitness industry but maybe you have existing commitments that you need to consider before taking up a course, our Online Personal Training Course may be the perfect option for you!

To discover all about The Training Room and how you can achieve the dream career you’ve always thought was impossible, keep on reading!

E-Learning with The Training Room

The Training Room provides a number of online courses that are available to all. If you’ve never studied online before and are unsure what to expect, there are many benefits when undertaking e-learning courses!

The first is the flexibility an online course provides. You can study in your own environment at your own pace, tailoring your learning experience to suit you. This means you should achieve the best grades possible!

However, this degree of flexibility and independence may be daunting for some, but don’t worry; just because you are not in a traditional classroom environment doesn’t mean you’re completely on your own! The Training Room will put you in direct contact with one of our dedicated e-learning tutors who will guide you through the learning process and answer any questions you may have.

Don’t feel like you’ll be alone when you finish the course too! The Training Room supports our graduates for up to three years after they register. Our respectable corporate partnerships mean that we’ll be able to put you in touch with potential employers – all the more reason to study with us!

Our Personal Training Course

Now you might be thinking, what does The Training Room’s Personal Training Course actually entail? The Level 3 qualification will provide you not only with the skills needed to teach at Fitness Instructor level, but will also build your skill set enabling you to deliver effective, tailored fitness programs to your clients, enabling your clients to achieve the results their fitness goals. Whilst the majority of the learning for our e-learning personal training course takes place online, you will be required to attend practical assessments in order to complete the qualification.

Alongside this you’ll have the opportunity to complete workshop-based certificates in Studio Cycling (Spinning), Metabolic Circuits and Gym Based Boxing as well as CPD courses in other specialised areas of health and fitness. This allows you to specialise in a specific type of exercise you enjoy and can enable you to teach a variety of training styles, helping you to stand out from the competition!

To read more about The Training Room’s Online Personal Training Course, visit the course overview page on our website.

Study Personal Training with The Training Room!

If this sounds like your perfect course, why not contact The Training Room today? We can enrol you to start one of our e-learning courses and get your fitness career on the right track. Make sure to visit our website to find out all the information you need to start learning with us today!

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