Nenadi Usman on How to Go from Classroom Teacher to Political Leader

Nenadi Usman is a very popular politician from Nigeria. She is one of those rare people who doesn’t just know what they want, but who will fight tooth and nails to get that. In the face of many forms of adversity, including a poor background and the fact that she is a woman in a male-dominated society, Nenadi Usman has shown that she has what it takes. She has experience, she has leadership skills, she has integrity, and she has a genuine desire to make Nigeria a better place.

Nenadi Usman Takes on Politics

Nenadi Usman has indicated that she is interested in the position of National Secretary. She has made an official declaration towards this through the PDP National Convention at their headquarters. As a senator herself, she already has a wealth of political knowledge and background that she hopes to bring to the table.

Born in Kaduna, Usman started her life as a humble classroom teacher. Later, she took on the position of Commissioner and, eventually, worked her way up to Minister of Finance. Very few women ever take up positions of such seniority and even fewer do so in the financial field. However, finances seem to be Usman’s forty. Indeed, she was the Director of Finance for PDP, who organized the presidential campaign. She feels this proves even further that she is ready to grow into the next position.

Usman also believes that her party, and her country as a whole, needs to become more united. She wants people to come together as brothers and sisters, all of whom want to make Nigeria a better place. As one of the fastest growing economies on the African continent, Nenadi Usman feels that the various divisions within the countries should be resolved to present a united front to the rest of the world.

Nenadi Usman also wants to break through the glass ceiling. Never before has a woman taken on such a position of seniority in Nigerian politics, and she hopes to be the first of many. The world over, people are seeing women take on traditionally male-dominated roles, particularly in politics. However, very often, those women have had to give up some of their more feminine qualities, losing some of the soft skills that they all have. For Usman, this is also something that needs to change. She believes women, like herself, have their own particular strengths that have a lot to bring to the world. Indeed, many people say that if women ruled the world, there would be no more war. The fact that so many continue to believe that, in order to succeed above the glass ceiling, femininity has to be sacrificed is nothing but shameful.

People all over the world are watching Nenadi Usman and her quest to the top. She is proving to be a true inspiration for the masses. Nowhere is this seen more than in her own country, where young girls in particular hope to emulate her.

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