Michael Briese on Key Features to Look for in a Rolex Watch

Having a Rolex makes you a real man, someone who truly comments respect. People who see you automatically admire you, even if they don’t know who you are. According to Michael Briese, the watch is more than just a status symbol, it is a way of life. And that is also why you simply can’t get busted with either a fake one, or one that was taken during some sort of heist.

Michael Briese on Fake Rolex Watches

Head to any street corner vendor in New York, and it is likely that you will be able to find a fake Rolex. Because everybody wants one, but so few can afford on, this is not surprising. Where there is demand, supply will automatically follow. Unfortunately, while a Rolex from a street corner is an obvious fake, some of them are works of art in their own right. It is absolutely vital, therefore, that you learn to protect yourself and to not accidentally purchase a counterfeit.

Michael Briese Explains How to Find a Real Rolex Watch

  1. Rolex watches can only be sold brand new with factory warranties by authorized dealers, no exception. Hence, sign up to the email mailing list of a true authorized dealer and wait for a good deal to come along.
  2. Check the band. If it has a kink, it is likely to be a fake. If it doesn’t match the watch, it’s a fake. The details are in the band. Face the watch down and stretch out the band to view the links. If they are smooth and nicely lined up, with perhaps some stretch if it is a secondhand model, then you probably have a real one.
  3. Listen to the Rolex. The second hand does not tick. All you have to do, therefore, is hold the watch to you ear. If there’s a sound, it’s fake.
  4. Check for the date window. It looks a little like a bubble, magnifying the date, particularly on models like the Submariner and the GMT. If it’s off center or crooked, move on to the next one.
  5. Look for the hologram sticker, which should be on the back. There is a reference number above the crown logo, which is completely unique. View it from different angles and rotate it to check it is a genuine hologram.

Michael Briese on Buying a Rolex Online

Everything seems to be online right now, and that is also where the best deals can be struck. Unfortunately, it also means you can’t check any of the five steps above before you buy. This is why Briese has also developed some tips for the savvy online shopper:

  1. Make sure the website has a familiar ending like .com, for instance, and that it isn’t hosted by a cheap host.
  2. If you want to purchase a secondhand Rolex through eBay or other such site, look up the seller and their rating. Ask various questions in terms of where the watch came from, how old it is, where it was purchased, when it was serviced, whether it is accurate, what its serial number is, and so on.
  3. Never buy a Rolex through Facebook.

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