Many Hearts Were Broken on Valentine’s Day after Flowers Failed to Turn Up

Sydney, Australia— On this season of love, many people were left heartbroken after their pre-planned flower deliveries failed to turn up. Two flower companies in Australia are facing negative criticism after they neglected to deliver the flowers intended for Valentine’s Day.

Failed Proposal and A Break-Up

One man shared his frustrating experience with one of these flower companies. This customer tried to connect with the company after the fiasco. He decided to call their flower shop to do a follow up on his pre-planned flower delivery. However, his call wasn’t able to get through to the company’s customer service at all.

This man broke his heart as his now ex-girlfriend dumps him because of the failed flower delivery. The worse part of the story was he didn’t get to propose to his ex-beau. He blamed the company’s unprofessionalism for his demise.

Flower Company’s Comeback

Many patrons and other customers left angry messages on the company’s social media site. They thanked the flower company, Rose, for the awful service on this particular occasion. Social media managers of the company tried to save their reputation by erasing some of the comments left by their enraged customers.

Those deleted comments made their patrons go berserk. Site managers tried turning off the wall posting feature to stop negative comments from being posted on their site.

Eventually, they replied to their customers’ post by commenting an apology on their customer’s complaint. They also asked their customers to give their order reference code. In this way, they can trace back the current locations of the undelivered flower bouquets.

Late Delivery and Angry Customer

Another man claimed that he received his flowers around 11 PM NSW time. The firm apologized for the inconvenience. However, he was taking none of it.

The flower shop, Fresh Flowers, issued a generic apology and asked their clients to visit them. They are offering a full refund and replacement for the undelivered flower as a form of apology. Mark Batstra, the company’s national operation manager claimed that only 2 percent of flowers did not reach their recipients.

Apology Delivered and Reason Stated

Fresh Flowers has been operating in Australia for more than 20 years. It is the first time that their customers are not happy with their service.

Since Valentine’s Day is the busiest day for them, he said that they were all set for the occasion. However, their courier partner failed to deliver the flowers. He stated that their staff did their best on calling their carriers to get the flowers delivered.

Batstra said they are currently investigating the incident with their courier partners. They will review their methods when ordering flowers in both of their offline and online shops. They want to make sure that this incident will never happen again.

Plans for the Next Valentine’s Day

Heartbroken and newly-single victims of undelivered and late deliveries plan to look for a more reliable flower shop who can fulfill their needs as a customer.

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