LiteFinTech: Scandinavians Getting New Investment Plans

The last years there has been tremendous growth in the area of financial services on the web. One financial web service that has been providing both individuals and businesses with modern cryptocurrencies is LiteFinTech. The company was designed for the empowerment of traders allowing the execution of fast trades with the industries latest in security. LiteFinTech is for everyone, not just professionals, no matter what level of cryptocurrencies and trading they have reached.

Reason LiteFinTech Was Developed

A transparent and honest market was the reason for LiteFinTech’s development, giving Scandinavians better opportunities by educating them and giving them more effective trading tools. Cryptocurrency investment gives the opportunity for the market to be entered into globally by those who are newly registered with the service. A free account can be opened for the depositing or purchasing of cryptocurrencies with a free virtual wallet.

Service Offered

LiteFinTech offers a variety of services by comparing them to the prices of other companies for the same variety of financial services. The company’s website has seven language translations, and there is multi-lingual support provided to customers. This is all designed to aid in effective and accurate decision making while making trades. markets can be scanned and trade setups seen without interruption for platform users.

Protecting Clients Assessts

Customer accounts are separate from the company’s funds to protect the funds belonging to the clients. There are several reasons for keeping the funds separate from each other. Distinguishing one set of money from another is easier to ensure that money from clients is used correctly, and to make it clear which money is the clients in the event something happens to the company so that clients do not suffer a loss. LiteFinTech has two accounts to ensure that business funds are kept separate from clients funds, and cooperates with Barclays bank to ensure the best service is provided to clients. User funds are protected by ensuring they are not accidentally used in other investments or company transactions.

Compensating Investors

There is a fund for compensating investors that was set up to ensure clients’ claims would be covered even if the company could not cover them financially as a result of circumstances. The fund was formed after the law for investment firms was amended in 2002 and when they were required by law in 2004 by regulations of the ICF.

Sercurity for Traders

Compensations can be given to ICF member clients no matter how many accounts they have, where investment services are offered or the currency that is being used. Then assures that LiteFinTech clients’ trades will be handled securely, transparently and with integrity.

Meta Trader5

The Meta Trader5 (MT5) platform of LiteFinTech is award winning, and can be downloaded easily to be used by traders. Traders can enhance the presence they have in the market of cryptocurrency. Trades can be performed both manually and automatically through the use MT5. A plan for investing that features free user education and no commission is offered to Scandinavians. The Scandinavian market’s current state is what the service was designed by to consider the tax and rates of interest.

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