Know How to Prepare Your House for Sale: The Cheapest and Quickest Ways

A lot of homeowners are worried that they have to do major renovations before they can put their house for sale. Repairs already cost tons of dollars; full-blown renovation will be too expensive. However, is it really necessary to spend a lot before you can gain profits from your property?

Real estate agents give you some pieces of advice on how to prepare your house the cheapest and quickest ways possible. Here’s how you do it:

1. Remove all your personal things.

Move all your personal items like photographs to your new place. Remember, it would not be your home anymore once you found the perfect buyer. Give enough space for the buyer to imagine the house from his own perspective. Being unable to remove your personal stuff would create an impression that you are not yet ready to give your home to a new owner.

2. The less furniture you have, the better.

Show everyone the beauty of your home with less furniture. It will also add space to the whole area, thus making it look larger. Do not let anything block the view of the potential buyer. It can also allow the buyer to visualize if he or she likes the look of your house when he or she starts putting in things they like.

3. Remove items that you don’t want to sell along with the house.

Items such as appliances, artworks, and displays are usually chosen according to your taste. However, you have to remove them before the buyer comes for the ocular. A lot of buyers expect to get some freebies when buying a new house as they see that these will make the purchase even more worth it. If there are things you don’t wish to part with, it’s best if you keep them in advance.

4. Make your house look brand new.

Make the buyer feel that the house has just undergone a total renovation. Simple repainting can already improve the ambiance of your house. Small repairs can also make a difference. You might want to replace some fixtures and cracked tiles, fix faucets, repair doors, replace light bulbs and other inexpensive items that will add up to the “newly-renovated” feel. These can help you sell your property quickly.

You don’t have to make any major renovation. You can leave that to the new homeowners if they wish to restructure the house.

5. Cleaning is inexpensive, but it works wonders.

Cleaning will give your home a fresh look. Scrutinize every nook and corner of your house and make sure that no speck of dust is left. The buyer must feel welcomed just by the sight of your house. So, make sure that you’ve taken a good look at the rooms before you open your doors for the ocular.


You do not need to spend a lot of money to improve the look of your house. You just have to carefully examine the things that might catch the attention of your future buyer and do something about it in the cheapest and fastest possible way.

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