Incredible Home Improvements That Are Capable Of Doubling Home Value

Are you interested in making home improvements? If so, remember the fact that not all the renovations and upgrades you will make will actually increase the value of your property. In fact, there are many that will have the exact opposite result. If you really want to increase the value of your home, a reputable plumbing company Melbourne showcases some very important options that you really want to consider.

Add An Extra Bathroom

Out of all the home improvements that can be made, this is most likely the very best one. If you talk to any licensed contractor you will be told that the ideal ratio that you should think about is having one bedroom for every single bathroom.

As you add the extra bathroom you get increased home functionality. This is what increases property value. In most homes there are different hidden opportunities available to add that extra bathroom. Sometimes you just add one in a closet while in other cases you just modify basement space to add your new bathroom. If there is space and you have the funds needed, adding an extra bathroom is definitely a renovation to consider.

Updating Bathroom Tiles

Believe it or not, the fact that you add shiny, modern new faucets does not actually increase home value. However, if you decide to replace the tiles with something better-looking, you can get a drastic increase. The idea is to upgrade to bathroom tiles that are going to appeal to most possible tastes. When extra money is available, you can always consider replacing the old toilet with a new, low-flush, slimline model. This is also highly preferred by interested buyers.

Add New Flooring

If you have carpets all around the home, remove them and see if it is time to add brand new flooring. Tile and hardwood floors add warmth and are really good returns on investments for absolutely all homeowners. The reason why people prefer tile, laminate and hardwood floors is that they are really easy to clean. They are also not magnets for dirt and dust. If people suffer from allergies, such an improvement is highly preferred.

Add Flair

You always want to check current interior design trends. If you really want to increase home value because you want to sell the property, opting for something that is in-fashion right now is always the best possible approach. For instance, right now we see retro interior designs and mid-century modern interior designs as being highly popular.

The great thing about looking at the trends is that you do not really need a full house makeover. All you actually need to do is to add some elements that move the design towards the desired appearance.

Spruce Up Your Shower

The master suites that give you a spa-like, luxurious appearance are highly appreciated. If you are interested in upgrading your shower, take a look at trends. The fact is that many master bathrooms just need something extra added. Most buyers do prefer the smaller tubs that have a really good shower though. This is something you do want to take into account since it can potentially increase home value.

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