How you can improve your gaming skills

Gaming, both video gaming and gambling, has become so popular over the past few years. With more people involved in these hobbies than ever, the competition has increased. This means that more than ever, you need to be able to stay on top. When it comes to casino games, while it may seem like it’s down to chance, there are ways of improving your odds. Pick your casino game and stick with it. The more familiar you are with a game, the better your chances will be. Read everything that you can about your chosen game.

First-person shooters

Are you one of the millions of people logging into Fortnite? Do you find that every time you get into a firefight, it’s you who comes off second-best? Make sure that you know the difference between flicking and tracking. Flicking is for when you’re using single-shot weapons – it involves flicking your crosshairs at your target, killing it and then moving your mouse back to its neutral position, ready for the next target. Tracking is for rapid-fire automatic weapons. When you track a moving target, make sure that your crosshairs are following it at all times.

Whenever you’re not in a firefight, you should keep your crosshairs pointed where you expect enemies to appear – at doorways and corners. The better your preparation, the less reacting you’ll have to do. To practice your aim, on PC or consoles, try going into the game’s practice mode or just a multiplayer game where you don’t care if you die, and spend some time concentrating your crosshairs on a stationary target, while you run and jump around, just like you were in a firefight. This will improve your ability to stay aimed at a target.

Texas hold ’em

Think about your position. The best position to be in is “on the button” – this is when you’re the last person to bet in three out of the four betting rounds, so you have more information than the other players because you’ve seen them all bet.

Keep track of other players, their chips and their cards. Try to keep a rough count of their chips, as well as what cards they could have and what their best hand could possibly be. Also, think about their behavior – if they usually bet pretty tight, then why are they betting so big now?

Additionally, it’s not a waste to get out after the flop. Beginners often think, “Well, I’ve already put money in, so I might as well stay in.” This is a great way to lose some serious chips. If you need any more tips, then try playing at Stakers.

Racing games

Whether it’s Forza or Need for Speed, racing games can be tricky to master. Make use of the practice areas and levels in the game to get a feel for the various cars. In terms of steering and braking, try to use the brakes as little as possible. For open turns, simply ease off the accelerator to slow down, and power through for slight turns. When you do need to apply the brakes, tap or pump them, rather than holding them down for long periods.

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