How to Save Money on Back to School Supplies

Every year, parents from all walks of life spend plenty of time, money and energy preparing for the new school year. Between required reading lists, new clothes, standard school supplies and all of the accessories that make school work easier, the annual back-to-school bill can get completely out of control. Some parents have learned how to shop for back to school supplies and save plenty of cash by searching wisely. What should you be doing to save money on back to school supplies? We’ll review a few simple solutions that can not only save you money, but will save you time and frustration as well.back-to-school-1622789_960_720

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    1. Consignment Clothes

The latest fashions and the demand of peer pressure can make children insist that they need new outfits for each school year, even if their old clothes are perfectly fine. Rather than wasting tons of money on new, brand-name items, consider checking out consignment shops for great deals on discounted school clothing. Not only will you be able to find many of the same brand-name clothing that you’d fine elsewhere, but you’ll be able to pick it up for a fraction of the price!

    1. Do a Thorough Home Search

Chances are that if you go back to school shopping every year, then you likely have excess supplies laying somewhere around the home. From notebooks and spare pencils to an unused calculator, you’re likely to find many potential school supplies in the office, in the bedroom and in your closets that you’d otherwise have to buy. All of these little expenses add up, so it makes sense to take a few minutes, rummage through your old boxes and desk drawers, and see what you can find before heading to the store.

    1. Have a Yard Sale

If you have to go out and buy new clothes and supplies, then why not consider trying to sell some of your old ones? You can help bring in a few extra dollars by taking last year’s school clothes – along with any other unwanted items in the home – and have a yard sale. Depending on how much you have to sell, you may also want to consider visiting a consignment shop or setting up at a flea market as well.

    1. Visit Discount Stores

There are plenty of back to school supplies that do not vary much based on brand or store. Because of this, you should definitely consider doing most of your shopping at discount or dollar stores. Items such as pens and pencils, notebooks and paper can be found for much cheaper rates at these stores, and nobody will know the difference.

    1. Shop in the Off-Season

If you’re shopping for back to school supplies right before school begins, then you’re shopping at the wrong time! Following the back to school rush, you’ll find many of the same stores liquidating back to school supplies. You’ll be able to find notebooks, paper and plenty of other school supplies for half the price (or less) as August and September arrive.

If you combine these five back to school shopping tips into your routine, then you’ll easily be able to save hundreds of dollars in the coming years on school supplies. Do you have any other recommended tips on how to save money on school supplies? Leave us a comment below and share your thoughts.

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