How Cases Can Change Crime Analysis

Over the years and centuries there have been many cases that have changed criminal history. These cases date all the way back to 1784 and are as most recent as 1990. Each new case has brought about the examination of physical evidence, forensic science being used when it comes to poisoning, unlawful search and seizure being established, Miranda rights being created and put into place, the Mafia commission, as well as the broken window theory. Many of us take for granted the laws of how illegal activities are approached but things have not always been this easy. Many years ago things were completely different and people were not always treated with dignity. With the help of technology and the way that crimes are now analyzed and prosecuted we are bound to see even more criminal cases evolve and solved quicker and more theories and laws being created and put into the law books.


Source: Portland State University Online Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice