Great Features To Have On Any Car or Truck

Buying a new vehicle feels like Christmas morning. You’ve been driving a 2004 Chevy Cruise for the past 14 years and finally get your chance to make an upgrade. It’s important to do some research on your new vehicle: you want to get a car with features that perfectly suit you for a long period of time. Safety features and cost are always important factors. But if you’ve saved up and money isn’t an issue, then there are some important vehicle features you should be on the lookout for. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Rear-View Camera

The difference between cars even just 20 years ago is astounding. The amount of tech and innovation that can be installed into a car can blow your mind. One of the best new features to be introduced to automobiles is the rear-view camera. Being able to see what is behind you while you’re backing up is life-changing, especially if you have a larger vehicle like a truck or suburban that makes seeing behind you more difficult. Rear-view cameras can show you your car’s trajectory and can beep to warn you about how much room is left to go. Whether it’s urban or rural, a rear-view camera is always a good thing to have.

Bluetooth Capabilities

Wireless connectivity is just another innovation of technology over the past decade or so. Having to use wires and cords to plug your phone into your vehicle can be annoying and dangerous: a cord wrapped around your gear shift is not a good combination. Most smartphones nowadays have Bluetooth capabilities. So why wouldn’t you want that feature in your car? Being able to have your phone secure without any cables is a useful and convenient feature to have in any vehicle. Here are some smartphone apps that travelers will love.

Automatic Headlights


You might possess some impressive headlights like morimoto xb led headlights from Apollo Optics, but having automatic headlights is also another great option. What do we mean by automatic? Yes, there are lights that adjust to the current brightness out during the day, but there are also automatic lights that follow curves on the road at night. This is a great safety feature because nighttime conditions and curvy roads can be dangerous for drivers. Having headlights that negate these obstacles is a great vehicular feature to have.


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